Damien Stark sneaks and peeks! (Stark Trilogy Excerpts and Outtakes from Claim Me, Book 2) - Kenner. Beck. Author.

Damien Stark sneaks and peeks! (Stark Trilogy Excerpt and Outtake from Claim Me, Book 2)

Stark Trilogy Text ConvoThe image above is a sneak peek at the upcoming #StarkOnSaturday post scheduled for March 9!

And, because I’m feeling generous today, what follows is an outtake from Claim Me (i.e., a short bit that did not make it into book 2 of the Stark Trilogy!)

Jamie makes a face, then rolls off the bed and hurries to her room to change.  While she’s gone, I strip down in the living room and slip on the cocktail dress.  It has spaghetti straps, so the bra has to go.  And then, because I’m feeling wild and decadent and a little bit melancholy, I take off my panties as well. I sigh, imagining Damien’s reaction when he explores beneath my skirt.  For that matter, imagining my own.  Just thinking about his hands upon me makes my skin tingle and my loins tighten.

I stifle a grin.  In my pre-Damien days, I sincerely doubt that I’d ever once used the word “loin.”  Now it is a word that I am intimately, happily familiar with.

I give myself a mental shake, then head into the bathroom to touch up my make-up, then into my bedroom for a garter belt and stockings.



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