It's a Celebration! Wanna snag an early read of Claim Me and and Amazon, B&N or iTunes card? - Kenner. Beck. Author.

It's a Celebration! Wanna snag an early read of Claim Me and and Amazon, B&N or iTunes card?

Win an early copy of Claim Me by J. KennerSince I’m giddy that Release Me has been two months on the USA Today bestseller list, I thought a new, fun “progressive” contest was in order!

We’ve got three potential winners.  Check it out:

So what’s the prize? An early read of Claim Me (the winner will need to sign up for a NetGalley account), a signed copy of the book once it’s available,  and a $50 gift card from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes!

But there’s more!!!

If Release Me hits the USA Today list again next week (i.e., the March 7 list) that’s more reason to celebrate, and  another winner will receive early read of Claim Me (the winner will need to sign up for a NetGalley account), a signed copy of the book once it’s available,  and a $100 gift card from Amazon, Barnes & Noble or iTunes!


If Facebook likes for the J. Kenner page hit 5,000 by the time the Rafflecopter expires on March 9 that’s also reason to celebrate! Another winner will receive an early read of Claim Me, a signed copy of the book once it’s available,  and either a $100 or $150 gift certificate (depending on whether the book also hit that March 7 USA Today list)! Good luck!

(That’s about 1500 new likes, but spread the word and maybe we’ll get there!)

You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below. (If you don’t see it, refresh this page.)

Also, please spread the word — and send your friends over to Facebook to “Like” the page!

If you want to post a widget on your site linking to this page (that would be super awesome!) you can use this code here:

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That code shows the image below, and links back to this blog post.


Thanks for spreading the word about the contest, and also about Release Me, the trilogy, and Damien and Nikki!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Jennifer Abrams

Have you read Release Me? I have, and loved it!!
Do you read erotic romance? I not only read it, but I write it, as well! 🙂
What’s your favorite? I like reading about strong women who fall for strong men. I don’t like women who are wimps! And I prefer stories with a satisfying HEA!!


Thank you!!! (And feel free to comment again with a link to your books! Enquiring commenters want to know 🙂

Michelle Surtees

Read Release Me when it first came out and LOVED it can’t wait for Claim Me, do enjoy reading erotic romance and 1 of my all fav’s are the FSOG books the first of these book but definitely not the last

Kelly M

Loved Release Me and can’t wait to get my hands on Claim Me!! Awesome giveaway!!!

Tracey Kruger

Julie, I’m really excited to read ‘Claim Me’! Thanks for the sweet giveaway, and looking forward to the next read. 🙂

Krissy H

I absolutely love erotic romance!! I have a few favorite authors such as Shayla Black and Maya Banks. Claim me sounds awesome and I cannot wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway!!

kandj7299 at verizon dot net

Nicole Nobles

Loved Release Me. Can’t wait for more:)
Thanks for the giveaway! Congrats!!!


I have read Release Me and I really enjoyed it! I read books from all genres, but mostly those that prominently feature women. I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next in Claim Me.

I loved your earlier contemporary stuff. I have a well thumbed copy of First Love. 🙂

Nicole Laverdure

OMG I would love to win the 50$ gift certificate from Amazon. I could buy Claim Me and pre-order Complete Me! Merci beaucoup Julie for the nice giveaway. I read so many nice comments and great reviews about Release Me. I love erotic romances. I hope your J. Kenner page hit 5,000 likes on Facebook! Wish luck!


I am so excited for the next book! I have recommended the series to all my reading pals!


I haven’t read Release Me, but it’s on my wish list. Congrats on all the success with it, Julie!

Crystal White Smith

Sigh….haven’t read yet cuz I am OCD when it comes to series books and have to have them all or close release dates to read them…getting antsy though, might not be able to wait!

Ann S.

I love this series and I do enjoy erotic romances. These just happen to be my favorites.

Ann M.

Can not wait to read the next book. So glad that Release Me is doing so well.

Joanna YoucancallmeNoona (Young)

Thank you for the amazing giveaway! So excited about Claim Me’s release! I totally love Damien Stark!!

Michelle Harlan

I loved Release Me and can’t wait to read Claim Me! I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll win an early copy, but if I don’t, I’ve got the release date marked on my book calendar!

Kelsey Summer

I read Release Me the day it came out. I can’t wait for Claim Me.


Tina M

Can not Wait for this new book of yours. Read Release Me now I need Claim Me..Great Giveaway too..Thanks!!

Karielle Stephanie

Congrats on the new releases! I’ll be counting the days (:

I’m so intrigued by the series and oF COURSE I LOVE EROTIC ROMANCE ok sorry for losing it there—you can tell I really really love it. But you know, it has to be good. Tasteful. A favorite author of mine in the genre would be Maya Banks. She’s hilarious and knows how to write damn good sex scenes.

Fav movie: I’m crazy for anything with Audrey Hepburn in it, I’ve a bit of a girl crush on her (but she’s waayyy out of my league).

And a random tidbit about me: I love tofu and hate donuts, I’m just really odd in that way. I hope this comment is ridiculous enough for you honestly I don’t know why I said half the stuff.

Love to you and your books!
♥ Karielle @ Books à la Mode

Tawnya Peltonen

Hi! I have not read Release Me. I have read your Protectors series and LOVE it! I’ll be sharing this contest on my personal Facebook page and my blog’s Facebook page, One More Chapter. Thank you for the chances to win AWESOME prizes!

Sarah Delgado Lieurance

I bought Release Me when you were in Round Rock, TX but have not read it. I’m waiting for the next 2 books to be released so I can read them back to back. 😀 Thanks for the opportunity to win some really cool prizes.

Mary Jo Toth

Excited for Claim Me to come out … Release Me is on my bookshelf waiting for Claim Me to arrive – I didn’t want to risk any cliff hangers! Thanks for having a giveaway to celebrate!

Bookworm Brandee

I read, reviewed and LOVED Release Me! I’m so excited that we’ll have Claim Me and Complete Me earlier than planned…I’m not a patient person! 😉 But I will be (im)patiently waiting to see where Damien & Nicki end up…

Janice Hougland

This series certainly intrigues me. I have enjoyed your other romances under Julie Kenner name. What is the purpose of having three names under which you publish books? Just curious . . .


Hey Janice!

I’m actually going to “retire” J.K. Beck and write future shadow keepers books as “Julie Kenner, writing as J.K. Beck” and then slowly ease off that name altogether.

The J. Kenner/Julie Kenner distinction was a maybe/maybe not thing, but since I intend to bring back my teen vampire books and the demon hunting soccer mom books are “fade to black” with the romance/sex, I wanted to have a line of demarcation b/w the stories for readers. Release Me is definitely 18+ and NC-17!

Natalie Cleary

Yes Ive read Release Me and cant wait for book 2 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance.

Chris Noe

I have not but am hitting B&N later on today so maybe I will pick it up.

Elizabeth M

Congratulations on ALL of your success!! I’ve been reading you from WAAAAY back;-) I’m SO excited for your next release, and I wish you all good things in the future!

Alexandrea Ward

I haven’t read Release Me yet but I am looking forward to it. I do love reading erotic romance novels. My absolute favorite series is by L.A. Banks called the Vampire Huntress Legends series (VHL series). I can re-read that series over and over again.

Laurie Emerson

I read and re-read Release Me. I fell in love with it and had to read it all over again! I love romance books as they let me dream, cry and sigh!

Bonnie Hilligoss

Sorry, I have not read Release Me and don’t read as much erotic romance as I used to. Maybe I should start again with yours! Thanks for a fantastic giveaway and I LOVE your comment icons!

Xiao Jin

Thanks for the contest giveaway! I’m looking forward to the release of Claim Me!

Lily C

Loved Loved Loved Release Me!!! Looking forward to Claim Me!!! April can’t come soon enough! Good luck to you on your continued success with the Stark Trilogy!

Renee B

Have you read Release Me? No you are a new author for me, but I will be reading it soon.
Do you read erotic romance? OH YEAH!
What’s your favorite? Here are my favorite hot erotic romances: Blackmailed by Annemarie McKenna, the “Leashed” series by Jet Mykles, the “Pack/Pride” series by Shelly Laurenston, the “Dragon Kin” series by G. A. Aiken, the “Freakn” series by Eve Langlais, the “Anita Blake” and “Meredith Gentry” series by Laurel K. Hamilton, the “Breeds” series by Lora Leigh, the “Granite Lake Wolves” series by Vivian Arend, the “Tales of the Were” and the “Dragon Knights” series by Bianca D’Arc and the “New Species” series by Laurann Dohner. If you haven’t tried any of these you’re missing out on some great books.
Thanks for being part of the March Madness hop and for the chance to win.
reneebennett35 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Karin Anderson

Hi, Julie!

I’m so excited to see that the series will continue. 😀

AquarianDancer at gmail dot com


I’ve only ever read the Kate books because I’m a huge fan of Butt Kicking Vampire Hunters, but now I’m definitely downloading the rest of Julie’s books to my kindle!!!!!

Kai W.

I haven’t read any of the books from this series. I have read and heard great reviews. I need to go buy me some of your books.

Thanks for the giveaway.

Pennie M

I haven’t read Release Me yet but it is waiting for me 🙂 Fav book is usually the one I’m reading at the time and changes quickly since I am a fast reader and read many genres.


I haven’t yet read this series but ssssssooooooo want to! I have this first book waiting right beside me and am dying to start on it. I love reading erotica since I crave stories with intense emotions.

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

Patricia Cochran

Haven’t read the series but I’ve put it on my TBR list. Bookstore
run now coming up!

Pat C.

Sandra Marlow

Wow, great contest! The books sound terrific, would love to read them

Rita Sheppard

I haven’t read Release Me but will look for it and would love to read Claim Me.


I haven’t read Release Me. Yes, I do enjoy erotic romances…favorite movie? Depends on my mood…I am enjoying Moonlight in Paris right now. Yesterday my favorite was Almost Famous. 🙂 I just love movies.


Somehow I stumbled upon information about you and your new series, The Stark Trilogy and I can’t wait to read “Release Me” and all the others!!! I love erotic romances so please keep writing them.

Sandy Lion

I am a huge fan and I really love the Stark trilogy, Shadowkeepers, and Demon Hunting Soccer mom series. Thank you for the giveaway and I have recommended your series to my Literal Addiction book group because I just think they are unique and well written. sdylion(at)gmail(dot)com


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