Lucky in Love? Maybe You'll Snag an Early Read of Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, Book 2) or another Blog Hop prize! - Kenner. Beck. Author.

Lucky in Love? Maybe You'll Snag an Early Read of Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, Book 2) or another Blog Hop prize!

Lucky in Love Blog HopAre you lucky enough to win an early read of Claim Me (Book 2 in the Stark Trilogy?) Enter the Rafflecopter below and find out.

Do you love St. Patrick’s day? Do you chase rainbows to find the pot of gold at the end? What would make you feel lucky in love? Hot nights? Romantic gestures? Expensive cars, LOL? (I think that may be the reason you need to find that pot of gold at the rainbow’s end–so you can get your own fast cars!)

So why am I giving away an early read of Claim Me for the Lucky in Love hop?  Because as far as I’m concerned Nikki Fairchild (the heroine and narrator of the Stark Trilogy) is pretty dang lucky!  After all, it’s Nikki that Damien Stark wants.  And Damien is, well, yummy!  (He’s rich, too, but to be honest, that’s not my personal line of demarcation for “lucky.”  Then again, those cars and presents are pretty sweet…)

As for Damien’s appeal, it’s not just me saying so.  Check it out: “Dare I say it?  Yes, I do.  Damien Stark has replaced Gideon Cross in my head and heart.  I am now Damienized, Damienessed.  I am a Damien junkie.  So many books make the claim, but this one actually lives up to it.” – Romantic Reading Escapes

But wait! There’s more! in addition to entering the Rafflecopter for a chance at an early read of Claim Me, you can also leave a comment below to be in the running for one of the fabulous Lucky in Love hop prizes.  Read all about it below!

Lucky in Love? Well, are you? It’s a time of luck and wealth…or not. With each romance we find ourselves in a new world of love and memories. Are these just by chance? Is it luck? Welcome to your second annual Lucky in Love Blog Hop where we want to hear about your love, your romance, and how much you love St. Patrick’s Day!!! Are you wearing green? Ready to get pinched…or wait…do you like that?

Almost 300 bloggers have giveaways and posts about those men we love!

But that’s not all….

We have TWO grand prizes. You as a reader can go to EACH blog and comment with your email address and be entered to win. Yep, you can enter over 200 times!

Now what are those prizes?

1st Grand Prize: A $100 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
2nd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

Here’s the Rafflecopter to enter to win Claim Me, and below that is link follow the hop.  If you can’t see the Rafflecopter, refresh your page!  And don’t forget to leave a comment WITH YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS so that you can be entered for one of the two grand prizes!

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Tina M

I’ve been lucky in love for 27 years. Thanks for this great giveaway..adgali(at)ymail(dot)com

Janice Langlinais

Julie, I absolutely love your Damien & Nikki books and can’t wait to ready Claim Me! I would be lucky in love if I win!


been lucky to have been with my man for 13yrs married almost 10 got 1 son who is 9 and baby 2 is due in august no one ever thought it would happen again but been blessed

Jennifer Abrams

Love comes in all forms. I consider myself very lucky to have the love of my children-who surprise me every single day with something new! I don’t think there is a stronger possible love than that between mother and her children!

I am super excited to read book #2!

Judy Ruiz

SOOOOOOO lucky in love for 18 years! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of book 2! 😀

Susan Mitchell

Wow thank you so much for this blog hop contest. I love how sweet you are to your fans. I hope you have an awesome weekend. Thank you for making our weekend fun with the give aways! Please enter me.

Shannon Backstrom

Can’t wait to read this book. I am so glad someone directed me your way!

Fran Swarts

I would so love to win this. would really make for a good excuse to get the first one.


I seem to be very unlucky in that department so I don’t have a story.



No I don’t have a lucky love story but my friend does. He met a girl on vacation–they were travelling at the same time and hit it off so well, that she moved here. They are now happily married, and all because they were lucky enough to have met and things progressed from there


Mary jo Toth

I don’t have a lucky in love story but I have been blessed with a wonderful family and friends.


YES…I’m lucky in love. We’ll be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year. Whoo Hoot!
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com


I haven’t been lucky in love…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and thanks for the amazing giveaway!
elizabeth @ bookattict . com

April Holgate

We have great corned beef and sandwiches and chill. Not big on the whole parade and hoopla. Definitely wearing green though…don’t want to get pinched…although a spanking would be a different story!

I have not yet been lucky in love, ie finding my soulmate, but hope springs eternal!



It’s been lucky in love for 13 years for me too.. Oh so lucky 😉
I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a copy of Claim Me!! Release Me rocked my world… Christian who?! … Helloooo Mr. Stark!


I’ve been lucky in love for the past 7 years! 🙂 Haha, but perhaps I shouldn’t say it? I don’t wish to jinx it! Love Release Me and am eagerly counting down the days to Claim Me! Thanks Julie – you’re an amazing author!!! xx



No lucky in love story yet.
Thanks for the chance to win!
natasha_donohoo_8 at hotmail dot com

Kelsey Summer

My hubby and I have been happily married for almost 20 years with three beautiful, healthy children so I consider myself lucky in love.


Chelsea Rafferty

I don’t have any lucky in love stories! Not unless you count the love of my adorable 8 year old little boy…and I definitely do! 🙂

Hope you had a great St. Patricks Day! Thanks for participating in the hop!

swtlilangel4jc at yahoo dot com


I don’t know that luck has any bearing on having a successful relationship. It’s a whole lot of work. I married my high school sweetheart right out of high school. We have been married for 17 years.
planterofhope at aol dot com

Ashley Applebee

Nope, haven’t been lucky in love yet!
Thanks so much for the great giveaway and joining in on the hop!!!
Ashley A

susan platt

I don’t have a lucky in love story though my husband and I have been lucky in love for 12 years!

susanmplatt AT hotmail DOT com

Kaci Verdun

I got lucky in love 🙂 I met my husband when i was in high school and we’ve been together for 15 wonderful years! Thanks for the chance to win!

kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com

Janie McGaugh

Been married to my soulmate for 41 years, so I guess you could call that lucky.
jmcgaugh (at) semo (dot) edu

Krysta B.

Nope, not lucky in love at all.
Thanks for the chance to win. Happy Saint Patty’s Day!


Meghan Stith

What a great giveaway hop! I have yet to be lucky in love but I’m working on it. My favorite love book is “Outlander” by Diana Gabaldon. Jamie Fraser is amazing and beautiful. I enjoy St. Patty’s Day and this year I’m spending it with my best friend. We’re going to two Irish Pubs and also some dance clubs. I am also wearing green and am not a fan of getting pinched. I’m not Irish either, but many people think I am because my hair is red, my eyes green and my name is Meghan, but I’m not at all. I won’t be telling anybody that, however… let them believe I’m Irish.
Thanks for the giveaway!

mestith at gmail dot com

Sally B.

Anxious, anxious to continue the love story of Nikki and Damian. Love how the reader feels right there with the characters… So close you want to share thoughts.


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