Stark on Saturday - A Claim Me excerpt (Stark Trilogy book 2) ... and Ian Somerhalder eye candy! - J.K.'s place

Stark on Saturday – A Claim Me excerpt (Stark Trilogy book 2) … and Ian Somerhalder eye candy!

#StarkOnSaturday  I’m taking the weekend off from the Internet, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on #StarkOnSaturday!  Here’s another snippet from the upcoming Claim Me, book two in the Stark Trilogy that began with Release Me.


Ian Somerhalder - one of my tops picks for Damien!
Definitely one of my top Damien picks!



As Evelyn leads Jamie to Blaine, I head into the kitchen, planning to drop off my camera bag and continue to the closet.

I don’t get that far, however, because as I’m hooking the Leica strap over my arm and putting the bag in one of the cabinets, I see Damien coming down the hallway from the bedroom area. I stop what I’m doing, and stand frozen, simply staring at him. He’s wearing pressed black pants and a collarless black jacket over one of the starched white shirts I love so well. It’s unbuttoned, and the open shirt paired with the jacket gives him the quality of a powerful rebel. He looks so breathtakingly sexy that I have a hard time believing that he is real, much less that he’s mine. On the contrary, he must be a fantasy that I have conjured. A dream in which I’m now living. A perfect dream from which I do not wish to wake.

He’s holding his phone and speaking low, so that I can only make out a few words. But from his tone, I can tell that the subject is urgent, and that he is bothered.

I think about last night and wonder if this is more fallout. Maybe it’s his father. Or maybe it has to do with Stark International’s legal troubles in Germany.

After a moment, he frowns, ends the call, and slides the phone into his pocket. For a fleeting instant, I can see the irritation on his face. Then it is wiped away, as if he has willed the universe to behave, and the universe has no choice but to agree. Damien Stark is a man who gets what he wants, however he wants.

When he looks in my direction, I see in his eyes that what he wants right now is me.


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Meg Dono

Can’t wait for the 3rd book! Although I have to say Ian is not who I pictured whatsoever for Damian. Have someone else in mind but it’s all good! I was so impressed by the 1st book.

Temple Cameron

We are asked to leave a comment as part of the contest to win. I think I should win just because I figured out (after many different tries) how to actually leave a comment. Winning and receiving a “pre” copy would be an honor. I found Release Me by chance and immediately wanted the next story (Claim Me) and obviously had to wait, but that was ok because I have begun following Ms Kenner and reading all of her other books while patiently waiting. Like so many others, keep up the great writing and write more stories as quickly as you can!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for entertaining me

Cadie Sipila

Less than a month left! I am so excited to see where this book goes! Also I would love to win the contest!


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