The Bachelor Finale: It’s All About the Romance (and an early read of The Prince's Bride!) - Kenner. Beck. Author.

The Bachelor Finale: It’s All About the Romance (and an early read of The Prince's Bride!)

The Bachelor Logo I’m so excited to have Julianne MacLean guest blogging today with her overview of The Bachelor!  Read on!  (And leave a comment for a chance to win an advance reading copy of The Prince’s Bride, coming in May!)

If you’re a hard core Bachelor fan like I am, you know exactly what I’m talking about. You tune in week after week to enjoy this guilty pleasure, and you wait eagerly for the fairy tale ending with a gorgeous Prince Charming, who gets down on one knee and proposes to the lucky woman who wins his heart over all the others.

Just like any good romance novel, there’s plenty of conflict and sexual tension along the way–and if we’re lucky, at least one cartoonishly evil villain will step out of the limo each season to keep the drama cooking.

This year it was Tierra—the most emotional and self-absorbed bachelorette we’ve seen in a while, or maybe ever. Thank you, producers, for selecting her to be on the show (although I think Little Miss Nevada was confused and thought she was on “Toddlers in Tiaras”). I can’t say I was disappointed when Sean kept her around week after week.  She was the jaw-dropping train wreck that kept me riveted and awestruck. I just couldn’t look away.

Thank you also, for bringing us Courtney, who snagged the final rose during Ben’s season (are they still together?  I’m guessing no…).  Courtney provided me with unexpected inspiration for a female villain subplot in one of my novels. She unblocked my muse. Does that mean I can deduct part of my cable bill? Sure, why not.

But what about Sean and Catherine? The 2013 season finale just ended, with a seemingly equal fan base for both the bachelorettes who made it to the final rose ceremony.  I hate to admit this—because I’m a romance novelist and I should have had this pegged—but I thought Sean was going to pick Lindsay.  There was just something that felt right between the two of them and I loved her family. I was heartbroken when he rejected her, but she handled it with class and dignity. Surely she deserves some consideration for a future season of The Bachelorette?


Before then, however, we will see the return of Desiree, who will slip into some more slinky gowns, repel down a mountain or two, and maybe bungee jump off a bridge.  Good choice, producers. Like the rest of Bachelor Nation, I adored Desiree.  She was gorgeous, outdoorsy, and charming.  I just hope her brother can learn how to play nice this time.

But back to Sean and Catherine. As I mentioned, I thought it was going to be Lindsey (was it a clue that she wore silver and Catherine wore gold?), but when I watched him propose to Catherine, I was sucked in like every other hopelessly romantic Bachelor fan, and was weeping into the sleeves of my fuzzy bathrobe when he slid the ring on her finger and she looked like she needed an oxygen mask. Now that’s good television.

Yes, I respected Sean’s mom, who worried about his tough decision and said cautiously, “You don’t have to propose to anybody.” I would probably say the same thing in her shoes, but as an incurably hopeless romantic, I shouted at the TV: “But America WANTS you to!”

Thank heavens he did get down on one knee.  What would it be without the giant sparkly ring and the triumphant orchestral crescendo? We are all grateful for the happy ending, which is why I for one will continue to tune in to ABC on Monday nights whenever roses are being handed out.

*   *   *

If you love happy endings with a handsome Prince Charming, please leave a comment and tell me what you thought about this season’s Bachelor Finale

Or if you don’t watch the show, tell me your favorite series on television right now.  The Walking Dead? Mad Men? Family Guy? The Prince's Bride by Julianne MacLean

One lucky random commenter will win an autographed advance reading copy of my upcoming release THE PRINCE’S BRIDE, which hits bookstores on May 1.

 Marriage is more than she ever bargained for.

Bestselling author Julianne MacLean’s Regency-era trilogy of royal romance comes to a breathless conclusion…

Handsome Prince Nicholas of Petersbourg is an infamous ladies’ man, but even he doesn’t expect a flirtation at a masquerade ball to turn into abduction. Especially with a jailor as temptingly beautiful as the young woman on the other side of the locked door …

Veronique Montagne was desperate when she agreed to kidnap a prince to settle her profligate father’s gambling debts, and certainly didn’t imagine that her prisoner might sweet-talk her into helping him escape. Saving her home is now the least of her troubles, especially when the attraction simmering between her and the angry prince blazes into true passion. To save them both from scandal, Nicholas proposes a convenient marriage—but when a vengeful plot threatens to tear them apart, he discovers that Veronique’s love is what he desires most of all…

Julianne MacLean


Julianne is a USA Today bestselling author of over 20 romance novels. Visit her website at for more information about her books and writing life.

Thanks so much to Julianne for visiting! Don’t forget to leave a comment to win and ADVANCE copy of THE PRINCE’S BRIDE!



Congratulations to the contest winner Lisagk! You will receive the advance copy of THE PRINCE’S BRIDE!


eli yanti

I have not watching this season’s Bachelor Finale yet and honestly I’m not a fans of movie or tv show because I like reading book 🙂

Love Julianne’s book 🙂

Nicole Laverdure

Hi Julie and Julianne
I love all of Julianne’s books and I highly recommend them to anyone who
love Highlanders or Regency-Victorian. Your stories are adorable!
I can share that Julianne is a great writer and that I am never disappointed .
The cover of The Prince’s bride is gorgeous!

Lindsey Morris

I have enjoyed watching the bachelor this season!!! It’s my favorite thing to watch on Mondays!!! I did think he was going to pick Lindsay!!! Was glad to see Tiarra go though 😉 your book sounds very interesting!!!

Sheila M

I only watched the first season of The Batchelor and thought it was so contrived. Reading my romances is so much better since they’re real people to me!

Connie Fischer

I fell in love with Mad Men last year and am anxious to see what the new season will be like.

So looking forward to reading “The Prince’s Bride.” Would love to win an ARC of it! Then, I could read it and post a review on Goodreads and Amazon.

Thanks for the great giveaway.

jason f

It was great. I was really hoping he would pick Lindsay. We will see how long he last with the one he picked. Lindsay would have been better for him.


I have not been watching the Bachelor show this season but need to. Love the show. Thank you for the great giveaway nothing better than a great historical read.

Darla Z

I don’t watch any of the “reality” shows and prefer mysteries, but don’t care for serialized themes. I prefer the mystery to be solved now. But reading is my favorite form of entertainment and escape. Historicals, especially, appeal to me. Thanks for keeping me reading and entertained.

Julia Phillips Smith

“although I think Little Miss Nevada was confused and thought she was on “Toddlers in Tiaras” – LOL, Julianne!

I also loved your comment about deducting your cable bill as a writing expense – sounds reasonable to me. I haven’t watched any Bachelor/Bachlorette episodes since I watched that one episode with you. My current favorite shows right now are Vikings on the History Channel, Once Upon a Time and Spartacus.

chris bails

I am not a bachelor fan. I do enjoy watching True Blood and Game of Thrones on HBO. I also like Storage Wars and Auction Hunter’s. I would rather read then watch television.

Betty Hamilton

I watched the first season and didn’t enjoy the show. I haven’t watched it since. I do…however, read lots and lots of books!


Congrats Julianne on the new release!!! I don’t watch Bachelor but I do love, love,love the Walking Dead 🙂

Kathleen O

I must admit, even thought I love romance, I have never got the whole Bachelor thing. I guess I am woman who finds that competing for the ‘Rose” at the end of a show and putting myself and my family on display all for the love of a man, well I find it appalling to say the least. For me it takes the romance right out of everything. I know, I know it’s just TV, but really it this what finding a man has come to. I don’t think it’s worth it.. Give me a good romance like Julianne writes, about kidnapped Princes and putting your family first.. Well let’s face it… The whole Rose thing goes right out the window… Just my opinion of course..


I didn’t watch the Bachelor this season, getting away from watching so much tv. Much rather read, and always enjoy Julianne MacLean’s books.

Rita Wray

I have never watched The Bachelor, it doesn’t interest me. I don’t watch much TV but I do like American Pickers and House Hunters.

Cheryl English

Julianne, I didn’t watch it this year. The best show on tv that I do watch is the new “DALLAS”. They are once again trying to figure out , who shot JR.


I am not a fan of The Bachelor and other reality shows in that genre. But I have always loved Project Runway. This season they have Project Runway teams and I think it’s the best one yet!

As for other series, I love watching The Big Bang Theory, Elementary, Psych, Criminal Minds


My fav television series are Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Spartacus, Chicago Fire and Beauty and the Beast!

Sean Pynaert

My wife thought that neither one of them was worth his time at all, they were both flawed and ridiculous.

Jane Squires

I would love to win the book. But I do not like the Bachlor. Anyone who has to get on tv and guess lots of women to find one is not very smart in my book. I waited and waited on my husband and sure hope he didn’t have as many girls as the Bachlor goes out with. I am glad he chose me without having to go on TV.

Peggy R

Since I live in an area where I can only get Canadian TV, my choices as to what I can watch are limited. The shows that I have put on I don’t watch with “baited breath,” because I don’t get overly excited about them anymore, unfortunately. I can get American Idol on once a week, but never see who goes home, because they don’t air that episode, which I find a bit weird on their part. The judges are interesting this year, so I might watch it all the way through, but like it from the beginning when all the “wannabees” try out. I also like Dancing with the Stars and So You think You Can Dance. There is also a Canadian version, which I find to be really good. Then there is Chef Ramsay’s Chef show, which I’ll watch when I remember. Other than that, I listen to the radio for my pleasure. It’s quite different when you live in the sticks!! I have to rely on good books like yours for my escape!!


Hi Julianne! I’m excited about your upcoming book 🙂

I thought this season of the Bachelor was good. Like you, I was kind of glad he kept “Tierrable” around just to see what kind of drama she would stir up that week. I just had to shake my head on the Women Tell All where she really thought she did nothing wrong.

I was rooting for Sean to pick Lindsay – they just seemed to have so much in common. But then I started to pay attention to his body language with Catherine – always touching her and they way he looked at her. That wasn’t how he acted with Lindsay. I have to say, I loved how she took off her shoes after Sean let her go. I think she handled herself well.

Are you going to watch the wedding? I’m sure they could drag it out with dress shopping and all if ABC wanted.

Julianne MacLean

Oh my gosh – Sean is going to be on Dancing With the Stars? I guess I’ll continue watching ABC on Monday nights!

Brenda E Holmes

I must confess ,”Duck Dynasty” is my favorite romantic show…What? You say, can possibly be romantic about that show ,well watch it and see just how much love and affection is truly being shown between the couples on that show! Never been a big fan of “The Batchelor” ,sorry ,not a fan of “The Real Housewives” either especially after the local ones and the production company(more the production company ‘s behavior than the “wives”) filmed in a local eatery! Besides, I get all the romance I can stand from my ever growing library of romances written by some terrific writers!

Jennifer L

I don’t watch the show but I do love happy endings. Thanks for the chance to win an ARC of your book!


I haven’t watched this season at all 🙁 My favorite one on right now though is of course the walking dead 🙂 I’m still waiting for Darell and Carol to kiss..

Julianne MacLean

Me, too, Tanya! I am addicted to The Walking Dead and Daryl is my favorite character.

Diane P. Diamond

Hi Julianne,

The first season of The Bachelor was my first and last time watching. I get all the romance I need, when I step into an exciting romance book. There’s nothing better for me than to do that.

Congratulations on your upcoming release of “The Prince’s Bride”. I’d love to win an advanced copy of it. I love the cover art, and the blushing pink color is amazing. 🙂

Donna Durnell

I have not watched The Bachelor – just not into any of the ‘reality’ type shows.

But, I do have to say I think the most romantic couple on TV ever is Dame Judy Dench & George Palmer as Jean & Lionel on “As Time Goes By”.

We do not watch much series TV – hubby watches History, Military, Discovery, or movie channels. But we do try to watch the BritComs, which for us comes on lae Sunday evening– “Are You Being Served,” “As Time Goes By,” and “Vicar of Dibley”. Now we try to catch the Thursday evening show of “Doc Martin.” I watch movies with him, but I read a lot too.

Judie K.

For some reason if I try to watch TV from 8pm, all I do is yawn and
almost fall asleep. So then I go to my bed and read a riveting romance
until 11pm instead! For some reason, I am not sleepy when I read that.

Judy Pflueger

I would love to win. I think Sean was the most real person ever on bachelor. I wish them the best. the emotion they both displayed showed how real it is.

Diane Sallans

I do watch the Bachelor and liked this season because I felt Sean was sincere in his search (which I can’t say was true for all participants in prior seasons). I was so glad when Tierra was gone – it amazes me what people will say and do when cameras are on them in these reality shows. I felt bad for Lindsay – that’s the hardest thing with this show is that good people do get so severely hurt and disappointed. I’ll look forward to Desiree’s season – the producers just have to be very careful screening their prospective grooms.

peggy c.

I love the Bacholor and the Bachorlette.. Back to Sean wow when his mom said that i was yelling no no pick someone but i didn’t really want it to be Katherine I thought that Lindsay was more religious than Katherine as she said several words that made me think that and since he is I also think the idea of notes is cute I think where Lindsay made the mistake was the last visit her last memory she sent him home with was watching the balloons take off but Katherine made him a scapbook where he actually had it in his hands and took it home and you knoiw he read it, Just like on the final rose he said that he still had the letter and reread it all the time;.But then announce that they wanted the TV wedding ASAP then I knew oh this is really doomed you don’t want some months to get used to him in public its lets get married it would make a good book but not reality at 26 she should wait and make sure that with lifes ups and downs they will make it together…

kathleen yohanna

I do not watch Bachelor and in fact I watch very little real television. I do like Dancing with the Stars and the shows on the travel channel. I do not know what I would do without the blogs that I read and my books.

alisha woods

I don’t generally watch the Bachelor, But had just finished a DVD, and was reading so I had After the ROse on for background noise so saw bits and pieces. The ring was very pretty. My favorite show is Bones, Rizzoli and Isles, CSI LV, Body of Proof

Janice Hougland

I don’t watch the Batchelor show. In fact, I don’t know of any romantic shows that I watch on TV. I don’t think any of them (if there are any) could beat a romance story in print. It’s hard for me to visualize or fantasize when I’m listening to something on TV…so I prefer reading to television. However, I’m also a sucker for action and mystery, so I watch NCIS, Miama CSI, NY CSI and their ilk on TV and see if I can guess what the ending/solution will be. Otherwise, I read read read!

Judy An

I love the Bachelor show but can’t invest 2 hours a week to watch it. I would rather read. I only watch the last few shows. My favorite show is Shark Tank but I wouldn’t watch that if it was on for 2 hours.

Julie Parrish

Enjoyed watching this season and especially loved the reaction from Catherine. I so enjoy reading your books

Marcelle Cole

I only watched the Bachelor when one of Doctors here at Vanderbilt was on the show. I watched Fringe until it’s last episode in January, now I watch Antiques Road show

Carol L

I don’t really watch much television anymore but when I do it’s Downton Abbey, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland and Copper. All are on Hiatus right now but when they return I’ll waiting. I love your stories Julianne, especially your Highlanders.
Carol L

Kai W.

I have watch the Bachelor but I haven’t been paying much attention to the show.

The shows I will pay attention to are Person of Interest, Elementary, Arrow, and Castle.

Ada H

I never ended up catching this season’s Bachelor – I’m trying to wean myself off these shows since more often than not, they don’t end happily ever after.

Can’t wait to read The Prince’s Bride and thanks for the giveaway!!

Trudy Miner

I must admit that I got hooked on Downton Abbey this season! I also like a quirky show on CW called “Heart of Dixie;” I keep rooting for the doc and the bartender to finally get together. I have read many of this author’s books and thoroughly enjoyed them, especially the Highlander series. There is nothing like an escape into medieval Scotland to take your mind off things! I sure hope I win!

Carol Woodruff

I almost never watch network television. I do watch some cable TV. Would love to read THE PRINCE’S BRIDE. It sounds and looks great.


My favorite series on TV right now is The Vampire Diaries.
Thanks for the chance to win!


My favorite tv show th Point of Interest. Talking about a excellent characters, everyone would love this. I realy don’t go for The Bachelor that much. It’s seems kind of a farce. Good luck on new book. I would love to continue reading the books. Thanks so much for sharing.


Woud really LOVE to win this book. I just love to relax and read! Thanks for this chance

Vicki H

I haven’t watched the Bachelor for a lot of seasons. Maybe the first or 2nd yr it was out. Would love to win!


I watched one episode of The Bachelor and thought that I would rather stick to reading. I haven’t looked back since. 🙂
And the cover of your book looks amazing. Thank you for the opportunity to win the book!

judy ferguson

I don’t watch much TV. I like NCIS and a couple of games first thing in the morning but that is it. I like to read a lot more.

Cathy P

I’ve never seen The Bachelor and am not a fan of TV shows unless they are oldies but goodies, like Mash. I do love to read though.


Leanna Morris

I don’t watch most reality shows..including The Bachelor, but I do like the previews shown in the ads for it! I love a good romance…and your book sounds like it would be just that. I also love the cover!


I know The Bachelor is popular, but I don’t watch it. Most reality shows are too staged. My favorite shows are Castle, Bones and Once Upon a Time.

Marcy Shuler

I really wanted Sean to pick Lindsay, too, and I felt horrible for her. But I was also touched with his proposal to Catherine. Her reaction was wonderful.

I really hope Des has a firm talk with her brother. If she doesn’t I don’t see how anyone would want to end up with him for a brother-in-law. *shakes head*

Loraine Oliver

I watched The Bachelor this season, and even though I am older than most of you, I enjoyed it, I was surprised by the choice he made, but as long as they are happy-I am happy for them!!

Karen Blossom

Ahhhh, the chance to read The Prince’s Bride early would be wonderful.


Unfortunately, I’ve only watched a few seasons of the show since I don’t like to have to catch up once it’s started. Besides, I tend to get bummed out for the one left behind.

Since I’m limited on what I throw on the DVR and I have to share with my hubby, I do “Once Upon a Time”, music contests (the voice, idol and xfactor), “The Big Bang Theory” (too funny!) and the latest… “King of the Nerds”. Recently, I also started watching Downton Abbey on Netflix but my sister made the mistake of telling me what’s happening on the series in London (which is ahead of here) and has made me reconsider watching…. I’m still debating with myself! 🙂

Patricia Cochran

I just can’t get my head wrapped around the Bachelor/Bachelorette
shows, Ladies! The first I’ve seen of this year’s show was yes-
terday on ET. And now I see that Sean is going to be the mystery
contestant on DWTS, which is one of my favorite shows! I also
greatly enjoy NCIS, Person of Interest, Elementary among many

Pat C.


My Prince Charming is on Once Upon a Time! Of course my husband is also included, so I have no need of watching the Bachelor!

Karen Schmidt

I thought the ending was great! Catherine is fun and beautiful and they make a great couple. Sean seems like a really good guy and very down to earth, when he and Catherine were on TV this morning announcing Sean going on Dancing With The Stars they still looked very happy!! Catherine said she was excited for Sean and would be in the front row cheering him on. I hope it lasts and they do get married. Desiree will be a great Bachelorette as long as they send her brother on vacation for the duration of the filming and home visits. HA HA
Your new book sounds great Julianne and I can’t wait to read it. Thanks for the giveaway too!

Kate Cee

I don’t watch “The Bachelor” but prefer comedies like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother

Diane Johnson

I was extremely happy with the ending, I loved both girls so I wouldn’t have been disappointed either way. I did however feel bad for Lindsay, she was so sure of him and she walked away empty handed. Kudos…for taking her shoes off:)

martha lawson

don’t watch the Bachelor! My favorite shows are NCIS & The Big Bang Theory. Thanks for the chance.

Anita H.

I don’t watch The Bachelor at all as the series seems too fake to me. I really enjoy watching Castle (Beckett and Castle are FINALLY together after years of will they/won’t they?) and Once Upon a Time (lots of fairy tale characters, including Prince Charming!) Thanks for the contest, Julianne, I’d love to read your new book!


I’ve not watched the Bachelor before, I rarely watch tv at all. If I do it’s usually sport (tennis!) or the news. I prefer reading a good book over tv any time.


I don’t watch reality shows but I love Castle and The Big Bang Theory and Downtown Abby.


Love all of your books Julianne can’t wait to read the new one. My favorite shows are the Big Bang Theory and Bones


Thanks for the post. I don’t watch the Batchelor, but I do like The Big Bang Theory, still find it funny, and I like Revolution and I’m ready for it to come back on. lisagk(at)yahoo

Mary Preston

My favorite right now has to be THE BIG BANG THEORY. Always great for a laugh.


Nancy Wolfe

Thanks so much for the contest. I enjoyed reading the comments from everyone. I don’t watch reality TV shows. But I love to read books and would like to win the ARC of your newest book. Can’t wait to read it!

Wanda Barefoot

I’m not much of a bachelor fan. I like the oldies from the 70’s and 80’s and I know I’m weird but I love SpongeBob Sqaurepants. LOL

Sharlene Wegner

I don’t watch much TV. Maybe a little American Idol, DWTS when it is on, or SYTYCD when that is on. Your book sounds good, though!


Don’t watch the bachelor but I absolutely love your books and would love to receive the ARC copy. Best of luck to all that enters

Julianne MacLean

Thanks for all the great replies everyone! I read every single comment, and I loved all your TV show recommendations and hearing about your favorites. I was also pleased to see how many of you don’t watch much TV because you would rather be reading. I love hearing that! Good luck in the draw everyone!

Cerian Halford

I don’t watch The Bachelor but I’m loving Game of Thrones, although season 3 doesn’t start for another 17 days!!


I didn’t watch The Bachelor. My favorite TV-series are Once Upon a Time and Revenge.


I’ve bern looking forward to the release of this book and was soooo disappointed when I couldn’t pre-order it in iBooks :/

Kirsten Matteo

This looks like yet another novel series by Mrs. Julianne MacLean I’d sit down and read for hours, just as her Highlander Trilogy was. Though I can’t say I’ve ever seen the Bachelor, I just know I love Julianne’s books, or the ones I’ve read thus far.


I’ve never watched the Bachelor! Dating games aren’t my thing but OH how I LOVE a good romance novel! Julianne MacLean’s novels are fantastic reads! I can’t wait to see Nicholas fall in love!

Heidi Hamburg

Now that Downton Abbey has wrapped for the season I like Castle, Chicago Fire and Big Bang Theory.
I’ve enjoyed the other books in this series, so of course I want to see Nicholas get his!


Justified is my fav show on right now!!! Timothy Olyphant is hot and he plays the southern role so well. Can’t wait for this book….been waiting on Nicholas to fall in love!!!!!

Theresa Moss

I’ve never watched the Bachelor but I love The Walking Dead. There was actually a crazy romantic scene between Glenn and Maggie on the last episode. Hard to picture a heat love scene during the zombie apocalypse, but there it was!
I love Julianne’s books and I’m sure this next one will be just as terrific.

Suzanne Pursley

I did so love the way The Bachelor ended this season. I actually thought Catherine was going to pass out from shock and lack of oxygen. I also like Castle because of the back and forth in the relationship between Castle and Beckett. The producers of that show have managed to have the couple come together but yet not together. The couple seem to be still in the stages of getting to know each other even after all their time together.
But you, Julianne, please keep writing because I love your books.

Lory Lee

Haven’t had the chance to watch the Finale of the show. Sorry, but not really into The Bachelor. I’m addicted to Revenge and Downton Abbey. 😀

Sandy S.

I dont’ know about everyone else, but this season was disappointing. It seems too preplanned, too obvious and most of the women gave me the heebie-jeebies….how embarrassing to look back later…*sigh*

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