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Another Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, book 2) Outtake!

Matt Bomer


Here’s one more outtake from Claim Me (Stark Trilogy, book 2)!  (I only have one left after this!).  And, since I can’t post a blog post without art, enjoy a bit of Matt Bomer while you enjoy Damien and Nikki!

 “What kind of lover would I be if I didn’t take the time to learn exactly how you like to be touched? If I didn’t explore all the various ways to make you wet?  If I didn’t make it a point to discover if you want to be gently made love to or roughly fucked?  If you want soft fingers or the sting of a firm palm?”

“I—“  I stop, because that is the only word I can manage. His hands haven’t moved as he’s spoken. His palms have simply cupped my rear. And yet my skin tingles as if I’ve been touched all over.

“So tell me, Nikki, what is your pleasure?  Shall I play the gentle lover and you the innocent maiden?” One hand moves up as he speaks, meandering again over the curve of my hip and the shape of my waist until he reaches the swell of my breast. My breasts are heavy, my nipples sensitive, and I silently bite my lower lip as he gently cups me, then uses his thumb to softly brush the hard, tight nub. My body trembles. I can’t take much more of this.

“Damien,” I whisper. “Please.”

He ignores me. “Or do you crave a firmer hand?” His other palm leaves my ass, only to return quickly in a quick, firm spank.

I cry out, and not from the combination of pain and pleasure he’s delivered, but from the orgasm that rips through me, rough and quick and so surprising it leaves me gasping.

“Well,” Damien says, the smile unmistakable in his voice as he gently rubs the sore spot on my rear. “I think we’ve answered that question.”

I am breathing hard and my legs are weak as I claw my fingers against the glass, anticipating another spank. When it doesn’t come, I force myself not to whimper in protest.


Did you miss the last Outtake? It was a Facebook exclusive!  You can find it here!

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