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Love a Strong Woman? Dana Marton Shares her Inspiration for Writing Heroines (and a Contest!)

What would the world be without women who can kick butt and save the day? I’m excited to welcome Dana Marton to the blog today to share her stories! Read on to win a copy of her series AGENTS UNDER FIRE!

About strong women…


When my great grandmother was young, she was home alone one day with two young children. They went into the house at the end of the day, and as she sat on the bed to take her shoes off, she saw, in the mirror across the room, that there was a stranger hiding under her bed. She kept calm and said to the kids, “You know how silly I am? I forgot to lock up the chickens for the night. Why don’t you put your coats back on and we’ll run out for another minute and take care of those hens?” And then she got herself and the kids out of the house. She ran to the neighbors who came home with her and got the vagrant out of her home.

My grandmother still tells this story all the time. It left a big impression on her as a kid. And every time I think of it, I hope I’d have the same presence of mind if I were ever in a spot like that. Talking about women being strong is very trendy these days. But I think, whether it was acknowledged in the past or not, women have always been strong.


I write strong heroines. That’s the only kind of women I know, from my brave-hearted great grandmother, to my grandmother who’d survived Russian bombs and the house collapsing on top of her in WWII in Europe, to my mom who went to work at a restaurant as a high school dropout, worked her way up to being head chef, and worked 16 hour shifts all her life.

Who were the strong women in your life? I would so love to hear some stories. I hope you’ll share here. As always, I’ll raffle off a free book among those who share, a romantic suspense trilogy: AGENTS UNDER FIRE that happens to feature a couple of pretty strong women.

Wishing you grace and strength to face all your challenges,

Dana (

Many thanks to Dana for coming on the blog! What’s your idea of the perfect heroine? Don’t forget to comment to win a copy of AGENTS UNDER FIRE!



Margaret Taylor

My mom. She was the strongest woman I knew. From her days as an English Lit Prof – the first female tenured professor at a major University – to raising me after she was 60 (I was adopted) to running a Ranch with the 52 men that worked for us…I never, ever doubted she could handle anything life threw her way.

It’s probably where I get my very strong personality as well and I don’t dislike her for it either…though it does tend to put a crimp in the old social life. Men, flat out, just don’t know how to handle me…:D


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