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Complete Me (Stark Trilogy Book 3) – an outtake!

Complete Me by J. Kenner Stark Trilogy book 3 erotic romanceWow! Hard to believe July is just around the corner–along with book 3 of the Stark Trilogy!

I’ll be starting #StarkOnSaturday up again next week … and I’m also going to post the first chapter of Complete Me soon (for those of you who read it in the back of the digital edition of Claim Me, it’s changed a bit since then).

But in the meantime, I thought I’d treat y’all to a steamy outtake from Complete Me, book 3 of the Stark Trilogy, following Release Me and Claim Me, which is still hot off the presses!

Enjoy!  (Remember, this is an outtake, which means it didn’t make the final cut into the book!)

I tilt my head so that I can see him better.  “I assure you that these panties are not designed to prevent access.  But,” I add, hooking my thumbs in the flimsy band, “the right man could probably persuade me to take them off.”

“The right man?” He steps back, breaking contact, and I swallow a sigh of regret.  Slowly, he lifts his hand, then brushes the pad of his forefinger over my lower lip. Ripples of desire race through me, and I reach out to steady myself with a hand on the floral-patterned wall paper.

“Tell me,” Damien says as he gently eases his thumb into my mouth.  “Just who might that man be?”

My thoughts are swirling, and I draw in his tongue, relishing the taste of him.  He is like the most decadent of desserts—and I want to gorge myself upon him. That’s not going to happen, though, because he gently tugs his finger free, and I actually whimper as he does.

“I’ll ask again,” he says, slipping his hand down my belly until his fingers creep under the tiny triangle of material.  I’m so very wet that he easily slides that same forefinger deep inside me.  Immediately, my body clenches around him, drawing him in, and I release a moan of pure, animal pleasure, so loud that he silences me with a firm—and all too brief—kiss.  “Who?” he says when he breaks the kiss.  “Tell me who the man is who could persuade you to take these off.”

“Or?” I tease.

“Or you’ll have to suffer the consequences,” he says, withdrawing his finger as he grins playfully.

“You’re a cruel man, Mr. Stark.”

“So you’ve told me.”  He brushes the finger over my lips again, and I draw it in slowly, tasting the sweetness of sex and feeling the tightness build in my body simply from the connection to this man.

His own groan reflects my arousal, and when I open my eyes I see him watching me with such intensity that I think I might come simply from the pressure of his gaze.

Slowly, he withdraws his finger from my mouth, past my lips that are closed tight against his digit because I want to extend the contact for as long as possible.

And then he is gone and I am touched only by the heat of his proximity.  It’s enough.  Just being close to Damien makes me feel alive.

“What?” he says.  “You’re smiling,” he adds, apparently noting my confusion.

“I’m happy.”  The word seems insignificant, but to me it is full of meaning.  In just the short amount of time since he’s walked into this dressing room, everything has changed.  I feel light again.  As if any moment I am going to rise off the floor, and it is Damien who is both causing the rise and keeping me tethered.

He looks me up and down, the desire in his eyes so ripe I can almost see the coming explosion. But though I expect him to break and pull me hard into his arms, it doesn’t happen.  Instead, he simply meets my eyes directly and says in a voice overflowing with emotion.  “You’re beautiful.”

I have been told that all my life.  It is only when the words fall from Damien’s lips that I believe them.

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I LOVE these books and the OUTTAKE was so hot, I wonder what the book will be!! Love these characters!!


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