A snippet from Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, book 3) & Ian Somerhalder eye candy! #StarkOnSaturday

Stark on Saturday for your Memorial Day Weekend: A snippet from Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, book 3) & Ian Somerhalder eye candy!

Here’s another #StarkOnSaturday as we count-down to the release of Complete Me!

Complete Me by J. Kenner Stark Trilogy book 3 erotic romance  - Stark On Saturday excerptAnd thanks so much to everyone who has put Release Me back on the USA Today bestseller list (it’s in its 12th week!) and kept Claim Me on the New York Times bestseller list for three weeks and now into the fourth week on the USA Today bestseller list! Y’all rock!

And as I’ve mentioned so many times on Facebook, although there are a lot of guys who could do Damien justice, I’m pretty partial to Ian Somerhalder.  So here’s some Ian eye-candy to lead you into the holiday weekend!Ian Somerhalder as Damien Stark?

I hope you enjoy this snippet from the upcoming Complete Me, book three in the Stark Trilogy that began with with Release Me, continued with Claim Me, and will conclude with Complete Me!

“I know,” I say, my lips against the cotton of his shirt. “I get it.”  I tilt my head back and look up into his eyes. “That doesn’t mean it hurts any less.”

“Then let me try to make it better.”  He eases me away from his body, then bends down to kiss the corner of my mouth. “Is that where it hurts?”

I shake my head as tears tease my eyes and a small smile tugs at the corner of my mouth.

“No?  Then how about here?” His lips brush my jawline, and I suck in a breath, undone by the sweetness of his touch.

“No,” I say, and my smile is no longer tremulous.

This time, his lips find the indentation at the base of my throat. I tilt my head back, giving him better access, and feel my pulse beat wildly against his lips. “That’s not it either,” I whisper.

“Tricky,” he says. “How can I kiss it and make it better if I can’t even find it?”

“Keep looking,” I say.

“I’ll never stop,” he promises. His lips drift down, pausing over my heart that is pounding in my chest. “Not here, surely,” he says, then moves on as I laugh, the sound cut off by a raw, sensual cry when his mouth closes suddenly over my breast.


His arms around my back support me as he suckles me through the silky material of this insanely expensive dress. His teeth graze my sensitive nipple, and I arch back, lost in a desperate haze of pleasure.

“Here?” he murmurs, his lips never fully releasing me.

“Yes,” I say. “Oh, God, yes.”

“I’m not so sure,” he says when he takes his mouth off me. “I’d better keep looking.”

He shifts me gently off his lap and lays me down on the soft grass, his legs straddling my waist.

“Damien,” I murmur. “What are you—“

He hushes me with a finger, then leans over me, his mouth on my breast again. I groan with pleasure. “I told you,” he says. “I’m going to kiss it and make it better.”


Want more? You can pre-order Complete Me from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble!  On-sale July 30!

And if you missed Release Me, you can snag your copy from your favorite retailers here:

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And, of course, you can get Book 2, Claim Me, from these great retailers:

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Ava Figaro

I enjoyed Release me and Claim me however I find the wait does be too long for the final book Complete Me. When you wait so long you tend to forget the first two books.


I hear you! But just think: the original pub date for Claim Me was July and Complete Me was December! I’m thrilled that Bantam moved the books closer together!


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