A steamy #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Complete Me (Stark Trilogy book 3)

A steamy #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Complete Me (Stark Trilogy book 3) and a sexy pic!

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Here’s a sizzling #StarkOnSaturday as we come closer to the release of Complete Me – Stark Trilogy book 3!!!

I recently learned that Claim Me has gone back to print for the fifth time!  And Release Me went back to press again recently, too!  I’m so thrilled that new readers are discovering Nikki and Damien!

I hope you enjoy this snippet from the upcoming Complete Me, book three in the Stark Trilogy that began with with Release Me, continued with Claim Me, and will conclude with Complete Me!Complete Me by J. Kenner Stark Trilogy book 3 erotic romance  - Stark On Saturday excerpt

I can only moan. Words are impossible, the power of speech obliterated by the violence of the emotions raging through me.

He leans over and punches the intercom button, then asks the driver how close we are to the hotel. We’re just a few blocks away, and I don’t know whether to be relieved or frustrated when Damien tells the driver to circle the block until he says otherwise.

Then he clicks off, smiles at me, and pours himself a shot of whiskey over ice. His eyes never leave my face as he tilts the glass back and takes a long, deep swallow before moving back to my side, the glass still in his hand.

“Open,” he says.

I open my mouth, and he takes out a cube of ice, holding it between two fingers and his thumb. He brushes it gently over my lips, and I open wider, reaching out with my tongue to taste the smooth liquor. It’s gone too soon, though. Because he eases down until he is holding the ice cube over my belly, and three fat drops fall from the cube to land upon my over-heated flesh. The sensation is electrifying, and I arch up, gasping. Wanting. The droplets swirl on my skin with the motion, leaving a cool trail down to my pubic bone. My skin quivers, my need like a palpable thing.

Damien meets my eyes, then slowly—too damn slowly—trails the cube between my thigh and the sensitive skin of my sex. My body bucks, and I’m not certain if I’m trying to escape because it is too much to bear or if I am desperate for more. All I know is that I cannot escape. I am bound, tied down, and right now, Damien can do with me whatever he wants.

“Oh, god. Damien, what are you doing?”

“Unless I’m doing it wrong, I’m getting you very, very worked up. And, my dear,” he adds, as he tosses the tiny shred of ice that remains back into the glass, “I think I’ve succeeded.”


Want more? You can pre-order Complete Me from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble! On-sale July 30!

And if you missed Release Me, you can snag your copy from your favorite retailers here:

Random House
Amazon (print)
Amazon (kindle)
Amazon United Kingdom
Barnes and Noble (print or Nook)
Indie Bound
And, of course, you can get Book 2, Claim Me, from these great retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Random House
your favorite independent bookseller
in the U.K. from Amazon
 in the U.K. from Waterstones
 in the U.K. from WH Smith

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