It's #StarkOnSaturday! A snippet from Stark Trilogy Book 2, Complete Me! - J.K.'s place

It's #StarkOnSaturday! A snippet from Stark Trilogy Book 2, Complete Me!

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Wow! We’re getting closer and closer to release day! Here’s another #StarkOnSaturday to enjoy as we continue the countdown to Complete Me, book three in the Stark Trilogy that began with with Release Me, continued with Claim Me, and will conclude with Complete Me!

And remember, there’s still time to enter the fabulous Stark Trilogy/iPad contest!

Enjoy!  (FYI, I edited this to leave out “her” name…can’t have spoilers, after all!)

Despite my bliss, her words come back to me, and I cannot help but be struck by how they mirror my earlier dark thoughts. That once reality pokes it’s head in, things start spiraling out of control.

“What is it?” Damien asks, his eyes intent upon my face.

I do not want to bring a dark cloud between us, but I also don’t want to hide my fears from Damien. Not when I know that he is the only one capable of soothing them.

“Stupid stuff,” I say. “I was thinking about what she said. About reality.”

“She’s a cold bitch. And the only reality I know is you. Don’t tell me you doubt that.”

“I don’t,” I say emphatically. “But Damien, all the noise outside of us. I don’t want to feel like we’re living in a fantasy bubble, but sometimes I think that we are, and that reality keeps trying to break through. The trial. Stalker mail and texts. The press. And now your old girlfriends.”

“Fuck them,” he says.

“Damien, I’m serious.”

“So am I,” he says, his expression as intense as I have ever seen it. “At the end of the day, it’s just you and me. We make our own reality, Nikki. And no one can take it from us.”

And if you want more Damien and Nikki, why not pre-order Complete Me from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble! On-sale July 30!

And if you missed Release Me, you can snag your copy from your favorite retailers here:

Random House
Amazon (print)
Amazon (kindle)
Amazon United Kingdom
Barnes and Noble (print or Nook)
Indie Bound
And, of course, you can get Book 2, Claim Me, from these great retailers:

Barnes & Noble
Random House
your favorite independent bookseller
in the U.K. from Amazon
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 in the U.K. from WH Smith

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