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Complete Me Blog Hop — win the Stark Trilogy!

Bantam and Romance At Random are hosting an awesome Blog Hop for Complete Me, Book 3 of the Stark Trilogy

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Check it out … and be sure to follow all the links and enter to win one of the super-fantabulous prizes (like an entire set of the Stark Trilogy or copies of Complete Me or gift cards an advance read of Claimed by Stacey Kennedy!

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Gloria Herrera

He is one of the most understanding and luciously sexy book boyfriends around. I was hooked after the limo scene in the first book…

Viridiana Hernandez

I love Damien because he is sexy, confident and is not afraid to go for what he wants. I also love the fact that he is protective of what he really cares about.


I absolutely LOVE Damien. He is such an amazing man. I Love how caring he is yet he is also very very passionate.


Love Nikki and Damien. I forget about other things I need to do when I’m reading the series. So excited for the complete me!

Nicole Laverdure

I love Damien because you created a beautiful man with charm and sex appeal!


I love Damien because he exemplifies 99% of the qualities of a perfect man, but still has the 1% that makes him human an relatable. Love the series, can’t wait for Complete Me!!


I love Damien because he can throw a girl up against the wall and……..*fans self* whoa….. uh…. kiss her passionately.

Melissa C

I absolutely love this series and cannot wait for Complete Me. Nikki and Damiens relationship has been so great to read about. I just finished reading the last two books again so I can be current when the new book comes out. It still took me no time at all and I still got completely caught up in them! Damien is so sweet and sexy! Love them!

Karin Anderson

What’s not to love? He’s a sexy, Alpha male who can truly make a girl happy!

Stacy C

Who wouldn’t love a man who knows how to please a woman while being completely in charge?

Holly C

I love Damien because of his Alpha attitude but also because of his unyielding affection for Nikki. I love how it’s pretty much always been them against the world so far instead of on again off again with their relationship!

Allison W

I haven’t read these books yet, but I know I’m gonna love Damien already


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