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Who's your Damien (from the Stark Trilogy, of course)?

Matt Bomer as Damien Stark













Love this image from a Tweep, (MissChristy125), but it raises that eternal question:  Who is Damien Stark?

I know a lot of folks think Matt Bomer, but if forced to choose someone other than the Damien who lives in my head, I think I still lean toward Ian Somerhalder.  Though Henry Cavill is nice, too!

Ian Somerhalder
My top pic for Damien Stark

Then again, who cares!  After all, it’s just a few more weeks until Complete Me (Stark Trilogy, book 3) comes out!

Pre-order your copy today!



He’s definitely a high ranker!!! (I still lean toward Ian, but Matt woudn’t make me sad, LOL!)


Thank you for the shout out Julie!!
You already know who my Damien is 😉

Ian would definitely be my second choice. He’s got this dark & sexy aura to him.

Claire J

I have to agree with Ian he is the one.

Just finished the first book and I am in love with Damien!


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