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#StarkOnSaturday – the penultimate excerpt from Stark Trilogy book 3, Complete Me!

Wow! Just one more #StarkOnSaturday after this one until the official release day for Complete Me, book 3 of the Stark Trilogy that began with with Release Me, continued with Claim Me, and will conclude with Complete Me!

Complete Me by J. Kenner, Damien Stark quote


I suppose what follows has some tiny plot spoilers, but I think the back-and-forth is fun … and the spoilers are itty-bitty 🙂



(And thank to my UK publisher, Eternal Romance, for the fab graphic!)


To the CEO of Stark International —

The CEO of Fairchild Development seeks an appointment this evening to discuss a possible merging of our interests.

As Lisa gets our coffees, I re-read my text and press send. Almost instantaneously, I get a reply.

To the CEO of Fairchild Development —

I look forward to whatever merger you have in mind.

P.S. Congratulations on the office space.

I grin, and am about to ask him how he knows that I got it when the door to the Starbucks opens and a skinny guy wearing earbuds bounces in carrying a vase full of daisies and other wildflowers. My heart flutters because I am absolutely, positively certain those are for me. I don’t know how Damien knew that I took the property any more than he knew where to find me. But this is Damien, and as far as I can tell, he has eyes everywhere.

The delivery guy scans the room, his gaze stopping on me. For that matter, everyone’s eyes are now on me. The delivery guy glances down at a piece of paper, then boogies over. “Nikki Fairchild?” he asks, a little too loudly, presumably so he can hear his own voice over whatever he’s jamming to.

“Thank you,” I say as he puts the flowers down and strolls out, shimmying in time to whatever tunes are blaring through his earbuds. Around me, the other customers flash quick smiles, then return to whatever they were doing. One girl, a few years older than me with a pixie face and fabulous auburn curls, mouths nice before turning back to the screenplay that is open on the table in front of her. I totally agree.

“Wow,” Lisa says, sliding back into her seat.

“Damien is all about the wow-factor,” I say with a grin. I pull out the card, then smile even broader when I read it.

Tonight I’ll show you just how much a woman with her own business turns me on. Until then, imagine me, touching you. -D

And if you want more Damien and Nikki, why not pre-order Complete Me from Amazon or from Barnes and Noble! On-sale July 30!

And if you missed Release Me, you can snag your copy from your favorite retailers here:

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And, of course, you can get Book 2, Claim Me, from these great retailers:

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Iantha Brothers Langston

I read the first two books n I have read claim me 3 times already due to i can’t get enough of Damien n Nikki . On pins n needles waiting for complete me I think I will be at Barnes n Nobles when the doors open . Thank you for such great reading!!!


I’m so sorry this reply is horribly late! Thank you so much for coming by and posting … and I hope you enjoyed Complete Me!


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