Cover Reveal: Wanted, Book 1 in the #MostWanted series by J. Kenner - J. Kenner

Cover Reveal: Wanted, Book 1 in the #MostWanted series by J. Kenner

Wanted by J. Kenner book one Most Wanted series


Welcome to #MostWantedMonday — Yup, I’m starting up the weekly snippets again as we lead up to the January 7 release of Wanted, book 1 in the Most Wanted series by me, J. Kenner.

I should probably tell you that while Evan Black is smoking hot on the cover of the book, he’s even sexier on the page!  Can’t wait to share him with you!

(And don’t you just abso-freaking-lutely love the cover?  If you don’t, please don’t tell me because I’m dying over how much I love it!)

Big huge thanks to all the bloggers who have so graciously filled their cyber-homes with the cover today — and made today’s cover reveal extra fun!  And thanks to Bantam for coming up with such a supremely fabulous cover!

And here’s our first snippet!!  Those of you who have the ebook for Complete Me have seen this (I’ve tweaked it just a tad since it went into production).  Those of you with print copies, this is all new to you!

His eyes were as gray as a wolf’s and his hair was the color of cherrywood, a deep brown that hinted at golds and reds when the light hit it just right. He wore it long in the back so that it brushed his collar, and the natural waves gave it the quality of a mane—which only enhanced the impression that there was a wildness clinging to the man.

Wild or not, I wanted to get close.  I wanted to thrust my fingers into his hair and feel the locks on my skin.  I imagined his hair was soft, but that’s the only part of him that was.  Everything else was edged with steel, the hard planes of his face and body hinting at a dangerous core beneath that beauty.

And, yeah, I had good reason to believe that the danger was more than just an illusion.

Right then, though, I didn’t care.

I wanted the touch, the thrill.

That desperate need to fly I’d been feeling all night?  So help me, I wanted to fly right into Evan’s arms.

I needed the rush.  I craved the kick.

I wanted the man.

And it was just too damn bad that he didn’t want me, too.

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I absolutely love the cover for Wanted. I can’t wait for the book. I have already pre-ordered.


Be Still My Heart!!! He is some kind of awesome. Can’t wait to get my hands on him, I mean the book!!


Not to say “yay” that you’re dying … but, well, YAY!

And, yes, Bantam outdid themselves w/ this cover!


I love the stark trilogy very romance capturted my attention. Just wish it ended differently then Yes. The store could have gone on more.


Thank you Patty!! I recently told Bantam that I wanted to do a Stark epilogue novella, and they said yes! So it will be coming out December 3 — about a month before Wanted. Yay!!!!


Loved the Stark series but wanted more of Damien and Nikki. Would like to have read about their married life together, Nikki becoming successful in business and their first baby. Can’t wait for ‘Wanted’ and absolutely love the cover.


Thanks, Mary! You won’t want to miss TAKE ME, the Stark epilogue novella coming December 3!


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