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Mari Mancusi, free dragon pendants, Stark swag, and questions for YOU!

I just got back from the Authors After Dark conference (loved it!) and was amazed and awed by some of the amazing “swag” (i.e., giveaways) that some of the authors brought.

Then I was chatting with awesome author and friend Mari Mancusi about a fabulous deal that her publisher has going on right now for her new book (hurry!! it only lasts until September 2!! Follow the link for details of how to participate).

Essentially, the publisher is giving away JEWELRY (wow, right?).  An awesome dragon pendant to every-freaking-person who pre-orders the book.  (Yeah, I think that’s cool!)


I just think that’s such a clever campaign!  Don’t miss out!

There are other book related giveaway things that are fun, too. I took fabulous door hangers to AAD that say “Shhhh … I’m with Damien Stark” with me to the AAD conference.  Lots of fun!  But I saw all sorts of cool swag there like coozies and notebooks and journals and buttons and bumper stickers and mugs and t-shirts and on and on … and that got me thinking.

So my question to you readers is — what do you like/want?  Do you love bookmarks? USB drives with sample books?  Coasters? Postcards? Nail files?  I’m about to do a massive “swag restock” and would love to know what you like!

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Love the idea of jewelry or something to dangle from the car rearview mirror. Another thing would be a free iTunes download of a song that’s mentioned in the book to “set the mood.”


Oh, love the review mirror idea! I love the song idea, too, but haven’t got a clue how to pull that one off!

Lori Fisher

Love the pendent idea,how about coozies ? I use mine from Starbucks everyday. I’m bedridden and I use a tablet for all of my reading but book bags are great for a lot of things.
I’m going to sign up for your news letter and download a book. 🙂



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