#MostWantedMonday - a peek into Evan Black - J. Kenner

#MostWantedMonday – a peek into Evan Black

#MostWantedMondayWelcome to the second #MostWantedMonday as we countdown to the January 7 release of Wanted by J. Kenner, book one in the Most Wanted series of erotic romances that wilI be followed by Heated in May and Ignited in September! (Some of you may have noticed that book two has had a title change; I love Heated and think it fits the series & book much better than the original title!)

I thought I’d try something a little bit different for #MostWantedMonday — of course I’ll be giving you snippets directly from the upcoming books just like we did with #StarkOnSaturday for the Stark Trilogy, but I’m also going to do some value-added posts!  Fun things like scenes that aren’t in the book, insight into Evan, Tyler and Cole’s Chicago haunts, “casting” posts, and more!

Today, I’m giving you a hint at what’s going on in Evan’s head, but in a scene that’s not actually in the book!  (Of course the caveat is that the book isn’t yet off to the copyeditor, so anything may change!)  Enjoy!

Evan tightened his grip on her arm, knowing that he should let go.  That he should push her away.  He knew damn well that Howard Jahn, his friend and mentor, didn’t want the niece that he thought of as a daughter pulled into the seedier side of Evan’s life.  Didn’t want her looking over her shoulder.  Didn’t want her juggling dangerous secrets.

He knew, because Jahn had told him—and Evan respected his friend’s wishes.  More than that, no matter how much he might want her, Evan knew damn well that having her would mean risking his own operation.  Hell, it would mean risking his freedom.  And yet …

He couldn’t  help but imagine her in his bed. Before, he hadn’t thought of her except as someone who liked polite sex with the lights off—or at least that’s what he liked to imagine when he thought of her at all.  Thinking that they wouldn’t be even remotely compatible in bed had taken the edge off of not having her.  But touching her now was like holding a live wire, and there was no denying the sizzle and crackle and pop that seemed to shoot out from her.  She’d be wild in bed, he was certain of it.  Wild and sweet and open to anything.

And “anything” was exactly what Evan liked.

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Did you miss the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Stark Trilogy?  Click here to learn all about it!  And for Stark fans, a Stark novella is coming! Take Me will be available December 3, and you’ll even get to meet Evan Black in the story! (No pre-order button yet, but I’ll shout out when it’s up!)

And, in honor of Take Me, I’ll be starting #StarkOnSaturday again soon, too!

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