Danger and desire - #MostWantedMonday excerpt from Wanted by J. Kenner - J. Kenner

Danger and desire — #MostWantedMonday excerpt from Wanted by J. Kenner

Wanted by J. Kenner square imageWelcome to another #MostWantedMonday excerpt as we countdown to the January 7 release of Wanted by J. Kenner, book one in the Most Wanted series of erotic romances that wilI be followed by Heated in May and Ignited in September!

We’re getting really close to release day!  The copyedits are returned, galleys coming my way today, and that means that advance review copies will be going out soon.  Woot!

Here’s this week’s snippet!

“I’m still a bad bet, Angie, and for all the same reasons.”

“You haven’t told me those reasons.”

“No. I haven’t. And I don’t intend to.”

I eyed him, certain that I knew. This was all tied up with Kevin’s allegations. He was involved in some sort of criminal shit, and I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I was curious—and intrigued. There was sweet temptation in the danger, and I licked my lips, wondering if I should press the point. If I should ask him what he was mixed up in. If I should press for details about his crimes, both now and five years ago. But I kept my mouth shut. That kind of talk might push him away—and I was selfish enough not to want to go there. I wanted the reality of the man in my bed, and the fantasy of his wild and dangerous side was just an added perk.

“If you’re such a bad bet,” I said instead, “then why did you give in at all?”

He brushed his lips over mine. “You said it yourself. No commitment, no future. Just you and me and this one weekend. Dammit, Angie, do you have any idea how long I’ve fought the urge to touch you? For that matter, do you have any idea how close I came to breaking my word after that damned alley? I meant what I said—you’re my goddamned Kryptonite, and you have totally destroyed all my defenses.”




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Sharon Duck.anton

I have totally loved your books and will continie to. Evefyone is exciting and alwsys good read.
You involve yourself with your fans and reply to my comments on twitter.
It’s a pleasure to read your books and always love going to bed early when i have one of your books to read.
Thankyou for giving us all so much pleasure.

Kindest Regards

Sharon x x


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