If you WANTED, you could TAKE ME ... an excerpt from Take Me by J. Kenner on #MostWantedMonday - J. Kenner

If you WANTED, you could TAKE ME … an excerpt from Take Me by J. Kenner on #MostWantedMonday

MostWantedMondaysPassion QuoteWelcome to another #MostWantedMonday excerpt as we countdown to the January 7 release of Wanted by J. Kenner, book one in the Most Wanted series of erotic romances that wilI be followed by Heated in May and Ignited in September!

As I’ve mentioned, Evan Black, the hero in Wanted,  gets a little cameo in Take Me, and I thought it would be fun to mix up #MostWantedMonday with an excerpt from Take Me, the novella that follows the bestselling Stark Trilogy that began with with Release Me, continued with Claim Me, and concluded with Complete Me!

Here’s this week’s snippet!

“What?” Damien is looking at me intently.

“I just think that despite all the Elizabeth Fairchild nonsense, that part of her really does want to be here for me on my wedding day.”

For a moment, Damien only looks at me, his hands on my shoulders.  Then he leans forward and captures my mouth with the sweetest of kisses.  When he pulls away, I expect an argument. I expect him to recite an itemized list of every horrible thing my mother has done to me, to us. I  expect him to point to his own father, who neither one of us want at this wedding.  Hell, I expect him to talk some sense into me.

Instead, he says simply, “Be careful.”

I swallow and nod, because I know that he’s right.

Once again, the door chimes and this time I do not know the man who enters.  He is drop-dead gorgeous with dark hair highlighted by gold and red. He carries himself with a Damien Stark kind of confidence, and when his gaze sweeps the room, I see both calculation and intelligence in his sharp, gray eyes.

“We should finish up with Sally and get going,” I say to Damien. “She’s got other customers to deal with.”

“I’m sure she does,” he replies, “but Evan isn’t one of them.  He’s with me.”

“Holy crap,” Jamie says, “do you travel in packs?”

Damien frowns, and I almost laugh.  There aren’t many people who can knock Damien Stark off kilter. “What are you talking about?” Damien asks.

“Never mind,” Jamie says, waving her hand as if wiping the words away.  But she turns her attention to me, and I nod slightly. I have understood her perfectly, because this guy is hot. Maybe not Damien Stark hot, I think loyally, but he’s got some serious sizzle going on.

“Evan Black, let me introduce you to my fiancee, Nikki Fairchild, and her best friend, Jamie Archer.”

Want more Evan?  

You can meet him in Take Me, the epilogue novella to the Stark Trilogy, coming December 3!

And yes, you can PRE-ORDER Take Me right here:

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Happy reading, y’all!

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