A deliciously sweet photo Friday! - J. Kenner

A deliciously sweet photo Friday!


A few weeks ago, I introduced y’all to my new Nikon camera (which I love!).  I’ve been jamming on deadlines, so I haven’t played with it nearly enough, but I did have the chance to take some pictures in Galveston, Texas right before New Year’s.  Keep in mind that I’m new at this whole photography thing, and I haven’t had any lessons yet!  I’m just feeling my way!  But I’m having a good time and enjoying the results.

I took quite a few pictures in Galveston, especially along the historic Strand.  One of my favorite places on the Strand is La King’s Confectionery, an old-timey candy store complete with soda fountain!

Since we had a long time to spend there (it takes kids ages to pick out the perfect sack o’ candy!) I pulled out my camera.  I wanted to do an image that popped — and thus the bins of colored candies.  But I’m not happy with the image.  The colors are sharp, but my composition sucks (to not put too fine a point on it).  I think my mistake was shooting from such a dull angle, and having everything in such sharp focus.

I’m much happier with the pictures of the taffy barrels.  They have both personality and color … and what I think I like the most is the way the focus shifts.  My favorite is the one with the sharpest focus in the front.

What do y’all think?  Got any photography tips or tricks for me?

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