Wanted by J. Kenner hits shelves tomorrow! - J. Kenner

Wanted by J. Kenner hits shelves tomorrow!

#MostWantedMonday Wanted by J. KennerIt’s the final #MostWantedMonday – and Wanted by J. Kenner launches tomorrow (January 7)!

It’s book one in the Most Wanted series of erotic romances that wilI be followed by Heated in May and Ignited in September!

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Here’s the snippet!  Enjoy!

He met my smile, and this time his own went all the way to his eyes. He leaned over and retrieved my cup from the floor, then handed it back to me. “Drink your cocoa.”

I actually grinned, and it felt nice.


“It feels like you’re babysitting me.”

His scarred brow lifted, making him look sexy and arrogant all at the same time. He shifted his weight forward, and before I knew what to expect, he’d caught me in a kiss, hard and deep. I moaned, my body softening with need and thrumming with desire. We touched only in two places—lips and knees—and yet every inch of skin on my body crackled with banked electricity, as if Evan were a storm and I’d been caught unawares.

As swiftly as he’d moved in, he released me and settled back, leaving me gaping breathlessly at him. “You’re not a child, Angie. I’m not sure you were ever a child. And I damn sure know that I wasn’t.”

Since I didn’t have a clue what to say to that, I remained silent, holding my mug and wondering if my mouth was tingling because of the schnapps or because of his kiss.

After a moment, he rose, then held out his hand to me. I left the mug on the floor, put my hand in his, and stood.

Without a word, he led me to my bedroom. He turned me around, then slowly unzipped my dress. Whatever chill had lingered from the evening and the onslaught of memory disappeared, vanquished by the heat of his proximity. I soaked in his warmth, letting it soothe my rough edges even as tiny sparks bounced and fizzed inside me. And yet this simple touch was enough. So much, in fact, that he’d filled me up completely.

Gently, his hands stroked my shoulders. “Slip it off,” he said. “Get under the covers.”

Wanted by J. Kenner


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