Heated by J. Kenner on #MostWantedMonday - J. Kenner

Heated by J. Kenner on #MostWantedMonday

I took a single step away from the pillar I’d been guarding all evening.  “I should probably mingle.”

“Probably,” Tyler said, as he took hold of my upper arm.  “But what fun is there in doing what’s expected?”

I stopped, looked down at where his hand was pressed against my bare arm and idly wondered if I would have a burn mark there simply from the heat of our contact.

“You never did say why you were looking for me,” Tyler said.

“No, I don’t suppose I did.”

“You saw me from afar and just had to get close?  If that’s the case, I know the feeling.”

I couldn’t help my laugh.  “Good god, that’s corny.  Does it work on many women?”

“You’d be surprised.”

“Mmm.  Sadly I don’t think I would.”  I really was enjoying myself far too much.  “Actually, you’re not too far from the truth.  I did see you, and I suppose you could say it was from afar.  Magazines, newspapers, that kind of thing.  You seemed powerful and a little mysterious.”

“Always good to keep the press and the public guessing.  It increases the mystique.”

“Does it?  Well, I guess it worked.  I’ve thought about you, Tyler Sharp.  You wouldn’t leave my head.  And I decided that I had to meet you.  I had to know if the living, breathing man was as interesting in person as he was in my fantasies.”


“And now I’ve met you,” I said, then I gently pulled my arm free.  And, leaving that little bit of bait dangling, I slowly walked away.



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— Heated by J. Kenner, book 2 of the Most Wanted Series (this week’s #MostWantedMonday snippet!)


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Heated by J. Kenner - A Most Wanted novel

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