Temptation on #MostWantedMonday - Heated by J. Kenner - J. Kenner

Temptation on #MostWantedMonday – Heated by J. Kenner

Heated by J. Kenner


I’m in the process of reading page proofs for Heated, book 2 in the Most Wanted series by J. Kenner (c’est moi!), and I am so happy with this book!  (And it is seriously hot!)

I just love both Tyler and Sloane and can’t wait to hear reader reactions to these two!

To whet your appetite, here’s a teaser for today’s #MostWantedMonday!


I drew in a breath as I considered my next move and, as in chess, where that move would take me.  “I’m pretty good at resisting temptation.”

“Are you?”  He leaned in, his mouth so close to my ear I felt the whisper of his breath on my hair.  “I’m not.  As far as I’m concerned, giving in to temptation is one of the few true pleasures in life.”

Oh my. A hot coil of desire twisted through me, making my skin flush and my knees go weak. 

 If he noticed my reaction, he said nothing.  But he began to walk slowly around me, as a man in a museum might circle a statue.  

I started to turn as well, tracking his movement.  “No,” he said, the command in his voice undeniable.  “Stay still.  Look forward.”

I stopped, hesitated, then turned my head to look out at the party, at the people floating by in pretty dresses and elegant suits.  With smiles and laughter and nothing on their mind except the quality of the wine and the rhythm of the band.

I told myself that my acquiescence was simply part of the game—he was a man who wanted control, I was the woman falling under his spell.

But it was more than that, and I damn well knew it.  That flutter I felt in my belly wasn’t the excitement of the chase, but the anticipation of his touch.  

Yeah, Tyler Sharp was dangerous, all right.

He was behind me now, and though I could no longer see him, I felt his presence as firm and gentle as a kiss.  My breath caught in my chest, and I realized that I was anticipating the brush of his fingertips upon the nape of my neck, then his hand on my bare back, exposed in the halter-style dress.  

But the touch never came—and my breath never came easy.


We’re counting down to the June 3 release of Heated by J. Kenner, Most Wanted series, book 2!


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