Kate keeps secrets ... #SoccerMomSunday excerpt from Pax Demonica - J. Kenner

Kate keeps secrets … #SoccerMomSunday excerpt from Pax Demonica

Pax Demonica Cover

“Tell me honestly—did danger follow you here from San Diablo? Was that boy a demon? More important, was it you who killed him?”

And there it was. Flat out. Specific. A question that I could either answer or not. But I couldn’t avoid it with vague words and ambiguous responses.

Twenty years ago, I wouldn’t have even considered hedging. She might not have been a trainer, but she was part of Forza, and that meant that I’d trusted her absolutely.

But things had changed.





Pax Demonica — Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series book 6 … coming soon!


Pax Demonica by Julie Kenner - Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series, coming soon!


Download the first book — CARPE DEMON — for free at most retailers!


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