A new #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner - J. Kenner

A new #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner

Tame Me_J KennerI’m so excited about Tame Me, a new novella featuring Jamie Archer, which will be released on March 25.  For you Stark Trilogy fans, Jamie is Nikki Fairchild’s best friend, and a bit of a wild child.  But she meets her match in Ryan Hunter (who was introduced in Complete Me, and we saw more of in Take Me).

Ryan is the Chief of Security for Stark International, Damien’s umbrella company.  And Tame Me is the first spin-off story from the Stark Trilogy!

And if you haven’t read the Stark Trilogy, never fear.  You can read Tame Me all on its own!




He’s walking in the surf now, the waves breaking around his feet.

“Cold.” I say, nodding toward his feet.

“A little.” He tilts his head up, his gaze taking me in before he finally meets my eyes.  “But I’m willing to put up with all sorts of things if it gets me something I want.”

Wow.  “Right.”  I swallow, then curl my hands into fists so that I don’t lean in, grab his collar, and kiss him.  “Um. So.  What is it you want?”

“To walk on the beach with you, of course.”

And there it is.  That pow that snap.  He takes my hand, the gesture light and casual.  Seemingly friendly, but really it’s so much more.

He’s intense, I think.  Strong.  Silent. Steady. The kind of guy who knows what he wants and goes after it methodically and relentlessly. 

Is he going after me? I shiver a little, as I slide into a nice little From Here To Eternity fantasy. Not that I’ve ever actually watched the movie, but I’ve seen that famous sex in the surf scene, and I’m more than happy to let my imagination fill in the blanks.

Tame Me is currently available for digital and print pre-order at Amazon, but it will be available soon, soon, soon for pre-order at iTunes, Nook and Kobo!  Stay tuned!

Tame Me is also the Blue Box Special this month at the 1001 Dark Nights website!  Don’t miss all the fabulous novellas coming out this year!

Tame Me by J. Kenner - teaser on the beach


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