New excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner for Stark On Saturday - J. Kenner

New excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner for Stark On Saturday

Tame Me_J KennerIt’s time for another #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Tame Me, a new novella featuring Jamie Archer, which will be released on March 25.

We’re getting so close to the release date!  I’m excited!  Here’s an other snippet to whet your appetite.  Enjoy!


He pulls me close and strokes my back, waiting for me to calm down. I breathe him in, letting his familiar scent soothe me, letting his strength calm me. “It’s okay, kitten. You’re fine. Come on, Jamie. You’re safe.”

I hold tight, breathing deep until the terror has passed and I feel calm again.

Calm and mortified.

I ease out of his arms, taking a step backward. The night is so thick that I can see his face only in the thin light from the Ferrari’s interior that spills out from the still-open door. I see the concern. The hint of worry that is fading in his eyes now that I am steady again.

I don’t want to see the anger that I know is coming, and yet I can’t stand here and pretend to still be scared just so that I can put off the inevitable.

I draw in a breath, tilt my head back so that I can see him, and whisper, “I’m sorry.”

I expect anger. I expect fury. But the soul-deep sadness that fills his eyes is more than I can handle.

“Hunter,” I say, my voice choked. “Please, just let me—”

He nods at the car parked behind the Ferrari. “Get in,” he says in a voice that broaches no argument.

“But—” I lick my lips. “I can’t go back. I have to get to Vegas.”

“I’ll take you where you need to go, Jamie,” he says, and now I hear the anger bubbling up from somewhere dark and deep. “Now get in the goddamn car.”





Tame Me by J. Kenner



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