"There's a fire in you, kitten." - Tame Me by J. Kenner on #StarkOnSaturday - J. Kenner

"There's a fire in you, kitten." – Tame Me by J. Kenner on #StarkOnSaturday

Tame Me_J KennerIt’s time for another #StarkOnSaturday excerpt from Tame Me by J. Kenner!

Just so folks know, this is a spin-off novella from the Stark Trilogy, BUT you don’t have to have read the trilogy to enjoy the story! It stands alone!


I am breathing deep, my mind little more than mush and my body like liquid. “Christ, Hunter. You destroyed me.”

“No,” he says. “It’s you who’ve broken me. There’s a fire in you, kitten. And I want to burn with you.”

“Kitten,” I repeat, my voice dreamy. “Why kitten?”

He chuckles. “I think it suits you.” He kisses my shoulder. “You’re soft and warm and definitely playful. But I’ll need to watch the claws.”

I have to bite back a laugh. “Yes,” I say. “You will.”

We lay that way for a moment, then he unties my bindings. I stretch, relishing the motion, as he reaches for the remote on the bedside table and presses the button to close the electronic blinds.

Then he pulls the quilt up over both of us and holds me close.

I spoon against him, his chest warm against my back. He drapes his arm around me and holds me close.

I could get used to this, I think.

Hell, I could get used to him.

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Renee Sims

I know that the Stark Trilogy is compared to the 50 series but I think that is selling the Stark trilogy short! The characters were much more interesting, the writing better and I really felt like Damien Stark’s story was more interesting and realistic and had so much more than hot sex!(although that limo scene was amazing) I never felt like the story of Nikki and Damien was far fetched. Thanks for a great trilogy that should be in it’s own category and only compared to a really great series. I have recommended it to several friends and they all have agreed that this series is amazing. Thanks for the great reads and I have started reading The Shadow Keepers series and so far I have not been disappointed! Keep the stories coming!


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