More Damien Stark, More Nikki ... and a whole new hero and heroine! It's a #StarkOnSaturday announcement! - J. Kenner

More Damien Stark, More Nikki … and a whole new hero and heroine! It's a #StarkOnSaturday announcement!


I’m thrilled to announce that readers will be seeing more of Nikki and Damien … not to mention a hot new hero and a fabulous new heroine!

Thanks so much to everyone who saw the news in Publishers Marketplace and emailed or tweeted congrats! I’m thrilled that I can now share the news that’s been brewing!

Stark Spin Off Series Announcement
Let me bring you all up to speed:
As you guys know, I absolutely love writing Nikki and Damien (and it goes without saying that I love how much readers enjoy reading their stories!). They’ve earned (and deserve) their happily ever after that they got in Complete Me and the Take Me epilogue novella. But that doesn’t mean I wanted to simply walk away from them.

Stark Ever After teaser

So that’s where the novellas that I’m calling Stark Ever After come in. So far, I have two planned, and they’ll both be published by Bantam Books, the awesome publisher of the Stark Trilogy. No titles yet, but I can tell you that the first novella is planned to be released this coming October, and that it centers around Nikki and Damien’s honeymoon. (As an aside, you’ll also get to see Nikki and Damien in the upcoming IGNITED, Most Wanted book 3.)

The next novella is currently planned for February 2015, and centers around drama in Nikki and Damien’s life … but what is even more cool is that in that novella you’ll get to meet the all-new hero of the upcoming, super-sensual spin-off trilogy of full-length novels set in the exciting, glamorous world of Stark International.  (No details on him yet…other than to say that he is absolutely yummy, and very, very hot!).  (And, yes, because these books take place in the world of Damien Stark, you’ll get to catch up with Nikki and Damien in those books as well!)

I. Am. So. Excited!

I hope y’all are, too!!


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