Moms and daughters and demons ... #SoccerMomSunday counting down to Pax Demonica! - J. Kenner

Moms and daughters and demons … #SoccerMomSunday counting down to Pax Demonica!

Pax Demonica Cover


Pax Demonica — Demon Hunting Soccer Mom series book 6 … coming soon!  (For those of you who have asked, yes, I still anticipate the book will be out this month!  Will announce and post buy links as soon as I can!)


“And he’s dead.”  She left the sentence hanging, dangling like bait on a hook. I didn’t nibble. After a moment, she let out an exasperated breath. “If you didn’t kill him, then who did?  And what was a demon doing on our flight?  I mean, that’s weird, right?”

“They have to get around somehow,” I said dryly. In truth, I was proud of her. She was asking all the right questions, and she deserved to know as much as I did—even though I knew exactly squat.

Except I didn’t want to tell her. Not about the altar. Not about the call from her dad. My heart might be bursting with pride from how capable and grown-up my daughter was becoming, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still completely twisted up inside. Grappling with her desire to step into this life. And grappling with my willingness to let her do it. Weren’t parents supposed to protect their kids?  The skills she was developing made her stronger, sure, but they also meant that danger would come her way. More, it meant that she’d seek it out.

And, dammit, this wasn’t the place I wanted her doing that. I wanted this trip to be about family—not about the family business.

But that was just me making excuses. There was danger out there whether she sought it out or not. It was there whether she trained or not. For better or for worse, this life was in her blood, and I owed my almost-adult daughter the respect of telling her what I knew. And what I suspected.

She sat stiff and silent beside me on the bed, scowling and undoubtedly certain that I was going to blow her off.

Once again, I stood. “Come on.” I bent down and carefully scooped Timmy into my arms. He stirred but didn’t wake, and I said a silent thank you to the patron saint of overwhelmed mommies. 

“Where?” Allie asked. “Are we getting Stuart?”  I heard both wariness and defiance in her voice. If I said yes, my daughter was going to put up a fight.

“No,” I said. “We’re leaving Timmy with his dad. Then you and I are going to take a walk. We’ll leave Stuart a note telling him we decided to get a head start on shopping.”

“But we’re really …?”

“Shopping may be involved,” I admitted. “Mostly we’re going to talk.”  I was even considering heading on to Forza so that I could run through everything with Father Corletti before bringing Stuart by to take the official tour.  

And, yes, I felt guilty about that.  Probably not as guilty as I should.  Lies and secrets were becoming second nature to me.  Not a good thing, but there you go.

Allie’s grin lit up her eyes.  “I want some shirts and jeans, but mostly I want a jacket.  Italy’s all about the leather.  Oh, and I told Mindy I’d find a purse for her. Something really exceptional, you know?”

I didn’t bother answering, just moved slowly out the door with my bundle of toddler in my arms and my teenager in my wake. Two minutes ago, she’d been all about the demons and the mysteries. Now it was shopping and fashion and soft leather accessories.

I could only imagine what the next minutes would bring.



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Download the first book — CARPE DEMON — for free at most retailers!


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