Take Me by J. Kenner in print - on #StarkOnSaturday - J. Kenner

Take Me by J. Kenner in print – on #StarkOnSaturday

I’m racing off for my twelve year old’s certification SCUBA dive (yay!) but wanted to post a Stark On Saturday that features TAKE ME!  Why? Because for those of you who want the book in print format, it will be included in the back of HEATED!

Here’s a fun excerpt!


He silences me with a kiss, so deep and firm and demanding that I cannot hold on to my fear. Instead, he fills my mind with a raging heat so intense that it destroys everything except Nikki and Damien and the passion that is constantly smoldering between us, ready to ignite at the slightest provocation. Ready to burn away anything that threatens this life that we are building together, be it the ghosts of our pasts or my fears of the future.


You can grab the digital edition of TAKE ME here:

Kindle (UK)
Barnes and Noble
Random House


And if you’d like to get the print version in the back of Heated (the UK and US edition), you can order that here:


Amazon UK

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