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J. Kenner on writing erotic romance

I wrote this article for the Romance Festival, and I thought I would share it here!  Enjoy!


J Kenner: Why I Love Writing Erotic Romance #Romance14


I’ve been writing sexy romance novels since the beginning of my career, mixed in with women’s fiction, urban fantasy, and all sorts of other things! But it wasn’t until recently that I spiced up my repertoire – and began to cross the line from sexy to erotic romance.

So why do I enjoy writing erotic romance? A lot of reasons, and it may not be the ones that you expect. I do love that women have become more open about their sexuality and that we’re reading sexy books – gasp – out in public (both on e-readers and in print form for all to see!). I love that women are owning their desires and not being shrinking violets, and that sexuality is now something that is talked about openly and not whispered about.

Click here to read the rest of the article at the festival site!


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