It's #StarkOnSaturday ... and HAVE ME is coming soon! - J. Kenner

It's #StarkOnSaturday … and HAVE ME is coming soon!

It’s time for another #StarkOnSaturday! (Did you know that Damien and Nikki make an appearance in my newest release, IGNITED?)


You can link to all the IGNITED retailers:


But moving on to Nikki and Damien … 


I thought it would be fun to take a few snaps of the screen as I work on HAVE ME! Keep in mind, it all may change in edits (and, yeah, the typos will change, too


Haven’t yet met Damien Stark? Read the first SIX chapters of RELEASE ME here:


Just follow the link, scroll to the bottom, and start reading! There are 10 blog posts that run through the first six chapters of RELEASE ME ! 

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