"Speed of Us" Heated by J. Kenner #MostWantedMonday #TylerSharp - J. Kenner

"Speed of Us" Heated by J. Kenner #MostWantedMonday #TylerSharp

 Heated by J. Kenner second installment in the Most Wanted series. 

Meet Tyler Sharp & Sloane Watson! 

“We’re moving so fast.”

“No,” he said gently.

“We’re moving at the speed of us”

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His needs run wild. Her desires run hot.

I know better than to trust him, that I should never risk my heart.
But fierce passion comes at a high price.

I grew up believing in right and wrong, good and evil, black and white—that there were some boundaries that could never be crossed. And then I met Tyler Sharp.

Bold, charming, and dangerously sexy, Tyler always gets what he wants. But his smile can be deceiving, his dealings sordid, his ambitions ruthless. I thought I was the one woman strong enough to resist him, but our need for each other is too urgent to deny.

One look and I’m in trouble. One touch and I’m hooked. One night and I’m his. And once I fall, there’s no going back.





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