Another peek at Lost With Me and Damien Stark! - J. Kenner

Another peek at Lost With Me and Damien Stark!

Just a few more days until more Damien Stark in Lost With Me!

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Here’s another peek for you!

“Hurry,” I beg, because this isn’t about making love. This is about sex. Connection.

About need and fear and loss and escape.

Escape. God, yes. Right now, that’s what I need from Damien, and I whimper in frustration when he takes his time sliding over me, his cock right there at my entrance, but not inside me. “Please,” I beg. “Take me. Take me hard.”

For a beat, he looks at me. Then he grabs my hips and tugs me down the bed. I gasp when he flips me over, the orders me onto my knees, my head down, my forehead on the mattress.

He’s behind me, his hands on my breasts, gripping me so tight it’s almost painful, and I close my eyes, relishing his touch, wanting exactly this. To be used. To be his.

He pulls one hand away long enough to slide his fingers over my core, readying me before thrusting his cock hard and deep inside me. Then he’s bent over me, his chest to my back, and he’s thrusting hard inside me, the entire bed moving, hitting the wall, probably echoing through the whole damn house. But I don’t care.

This is what I need. What I crave.

This. This connection. It’s what will give me the strength to survive. I know that. And Damien knows it, too.

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