True Confessions: I'm a binger! - J. Kenner

True Confessions: I’m a binger!

Hi, my name is J. Kenner, and I binge books and TV shows (I also binge certain cookies, but that’s a different story).

I’ve just written all about how bingeing is TOTALLY a superpower over at Frolic in my new column, “JK Writes…”  Here’s a peek…Graphic that reads "JK Writes..."


Raise your hand if you indulged a little too much over the holidays. Yeah, me too. (That’s me in the reindeer pajamas, waving wildly!)

But let’s be clear—I’m not talking about food (though there was much wine and chocolate consumed in the last days of the last decade). No, I’m talking about entertainment binging. Books. Movies. TV shows. Over the holidays I binged all of the Star Wars movies, several TV shows, and a book series.


Want to read more? Pop on over to Frolic and check it out! 


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