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How to write a compelling love scene

Don’t miss this article I wrote for the IngramSpark blog on how to write a love scene. (And no, it’s not just advice for romance authors!)

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Emotionally driven love scenes can be a powerful part of any story in any genre. And in a romance novel, they are even more key, because the love scenes can and should inform the arcs of both the characters and their relationship, letting readers understand more deeply both what is pulling these characters close… and also what is keeping them apart. So how do you accomplish that?

Many years ago, I drove across the country with my husband, and during the trip we listened to several audio books. One of them was a spy thriller—a genre we enjoy. There was action. Adventure. An alpha spy doing his super-spy thing. And a love interest (or, at least, a sex interest).

There was banter. There were sparks. And the goal in the story was for the reader to believe that this hero really cared about this woman.


Because the bad guys eventually kill the woman, thus sparking the hero to go off and “Do His Spy Thing” with even more intensity. Because he’s pissed, right?

Of course he is… but it would have been so much more effective for the story if the sex scene hadn’t been a sex scene.

It needed to be a love scene.


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