Antonio is worth the wait... - J. Kenner

Antonio is worth the wait…

A quick update on Wrecked With You!
As everyone in the world knows, things are crazy right now. Everyone is under a lot of stress and dealing with a variety of issues resulting from the global pandemic, some huge and some only minor inconveniences.
Like everyone, my family and I have been dealing with the pandemic’s fallout, and unfortunately, that means also making some decisions I would never have been faced with in a pre-COVID world.
I hate adding another inconvenience into your lives, but I would hate even more to deliver a book that is not the product that I want it to be. For that reason, in order to make sure you have the best reading experience possible, the release date for Wrecked With You is moving by one week to May 26.
I absolutely love Emma and Antonio. Their story is hot and fun and it deserves to hit your devices and shelves exactly as I envision it. You deserve my best, and in order to make sure I deliver it, I need a few more days.
Thanks for your patience!  (And the good news is that if you haven’t pre-ordered yet, you have one more week. Ha!)
And here’s a sexy snippet  to tide you over!
She bit her lip and made the kind of whimpering sound that he wouldn’t have expected from a woman with the kind of hardened resume that Emma had.
The dichotomy of exceptional operative and needy woman made him want to sink inside her. To own her. It would be so easy. Just tug her onto his lap. Watch her eyes as she rode him.
Christ, he wanted that. But not yet, he told himself. Not just yet.
Instead, he wanted to make her melt. He wanted to take her to the edge.
He wanted her to beg, and not only because he knew that in the end the anticipation would make the pleasure that much more intense for her, but because he wanted the satisfaction of knowing that he could. She’d put herself in his hands. He intended to make very, very clear that she’d made the absolute right decision.
Stay safe, everybody!

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