And so he kissed her... - J. Kenner

And so he kissed her…

Here’s a snippet from Destroyed With You — out now! — to whet your appetite!

Quote from book: He's on the run with the woman who ripped his heart out.
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He knew he shouldn’t, but he couldn’t help himself. His hand seemed to rise of its own accord as he brushed her cheek, then cupped the back of her head. 

“Winston,” she whispered as he pulled her close. 

He waited. Just a heartbeat, but it was enough time for her to pull back. Except she didn’t. She stayed there, her eyes looking deep into his. Her lips parted in invitation.

And so he kissed her, this woman he’d kissed so many times in his dreams and memories. The woman he’d never expected to feel again in his arms. The woman he’d once loved with all his soul, who’d fired his senses, who’d made him laugh. 

She was back in his arms, and the world seemed filled with light. 

At least until she stepped back and he saw the errant tears on her cheeks. 

“Oh, sugar, what is it?”

“I’m sorry,” she whispered, the words cracking his soul. “But we can’t.”

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