Devlin Saint values trust - J. Kenner

Devlin Saint values trust

It’s Day 18 of the countdown to Devlin Saint…

“I have secrets, Ellie. Hell, I have secrets inside secrets. I trust almost no one.” He takes my hand, then gently rubs his thumb over mine. “And yet over and over, I’ve trusted you enough to let you walk away. At the tidal pools. After the parking lot. After the gala. And once again, I’ll let you go after we get back to Laguna Cortez, trusting you to hold my secret close. But only after we have our fill of each other here first.”

It takes me a moment to understand what he’s saying, and when I do, a shiver runs through me.
He’s saying he wants me.”

Excerpt From: J. KENNER. “My Fallen Saint.”





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