He will protect what's his... - J. Kenner

He will protect what’s his…

It’s Day 5 of the countdown to Devlin Saint…

Devlin Saint will always protect what’s his.

He was a selfish bastard, but how could he push her away when he finally understood how dead he’d been inside for the last ten years? She’d brought him back to life. She made him whole.

He’d told the truth when he’d sworn to protect her. He only hoped that he could. Because the wolves were circling. Soon, they’d attack, letting loose a swarm of secrets he’d tried to keep contained. Secrets he kept hidden from the world. From the public that thought of him only as a reclusive and intriguing philanthropist.

And, yes, secrets he still hid from El.

Excerpt From: J. Kenner. “My Beautiful Sin.”





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