He'll fight for you... - J. Kenner

He’ll fight for you…

It’s Day 4 of the countdown to Devlin Saint…

Devlin Saint will fight for you - countdown #4

Devlin Saint will fight for you…

“It’s him,” Devlin says, and the words aren’t a question. “He’s the guy who—”
“Yes.” The word is lower than a whisper, and no sooner does it pass her lips than Devlin’s chair scrapes back and he’s crossed the room. Before I can even blink, he has Walt by the collar, lifting him up so that the guy’s toes are barely brushing the ground.

I don’t even realize that I’m out of my chair until I’m right beside them, and while the guy protests and the bartender threatens to call the cops, Devlin drags him toward the door, with Walt whimpering for help as shocked patrons stand by with their hands over their mouths or their phones out, filming it all.

Excerpt From: J. Kenner. “My Beautiful Sin.”





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