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Pitching Your Book (or Screenplay!)

Since I’m still at my writing retreat, both working on All The Words and taking some vacay time … and since the world is opening up again and pitching your story in person at conferences will once again be a thing, I thought this was a great time to revisit an article from a few years ago.

(And I’ll be back next week with another on screen interview! Stay tuned!)

Some great tips in here. Hope it helps!

“13 Steps For Constructing A Strong Verbal Pitch”
By Melody Jackson, Ph.D.

You love to write, right? You wish that you could just write and have someone else do the dirty work of marketing for you, right? Most writers feel this way anyway. In fact, most professionals in every business would rather just do their business than market themselves. Dentists and chiropractors would rather fill teeth and crack backs than worry about how they’re going to get their next patients. Marketing wasn’t in their vision of their dream job. But it is necessary!

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