Stark On Saturday...on Sunday! - Release Me - "What do you need?" - J. Kenner

Stark On Saturday…on Sunday! – Release Me – “What do you need?”

Counting Down to Interview With the Billionaire!

It’s #StarkOnSaturday … (on Sunday because the blog didn’t post properly!)

And Saturday was also the start of the  TEN DAY COUNTDOWN TO INTERVIEW WITH THE BILLIONAIRE! Preorder here: Interview With The Billionaire
This slightly edited scene from RELEASE ME is one of my favorites. It comes when Damien finally learns Nikki’s secret. (Not a spoiler because as a reader you learn in Chapter 1, but it’s longer for Damien)
“He presses a kiss to my forehead. “I know, baby. Did you cut yourself?”
“I thought about it,” I admit. “I even jammed my keys into my flesh. But did I cut?” I shake my head. “No. I didn’t.”
“And you won’t.” His voice is hard, earnest. He presses his palms to my cheeks, cupping my face. … “If you need it, you tell me.” His voice is hard. Urgent. “Do you understand?”
I nod and curl up close to him and let him stroke my hair. Because I also hear what he doesn’t say. That if I need to feel grounded—if I need the pain to feel centered and real and here—then Damien is the one who’ll stand at my center. Whatever I need, he’ll give.
I shiver a bit. I’ve never been so exposed to another person, not even Ollie, not even Jamie. And I’ve never felt more taken care of.
“And what about you, Damien?” I finally ask. “What do you need?”
He looks at me, and for a moment, I think he’s going to tell me the secrets he’s kept buried deep inside. That he’s going to give me a clue as to what really makes Damien Stark tick. Considering how much I opened up, it only seems fair. But then his expression shifts and I see only a playful spark in his eye.
“You,” he says, and then he closes his mouth over mine.”
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