Stark On Saturday - Release Me - "I get you" - J. Kenner

Stark On Saturday – Release Me – “I get you”

What would you do for a million dollars?


“You’re a businesswoman, Nikki. Isn’t that what you ultimately want? Your own business?”

I gape at him, too surprised that he knows this to respond. Who the hell has he been talking to about me?

“This is a chance to kick-start your career.”

I shake my head, ignoring the small knot inside me that is excited by his proposition. “I’m a businesswoman, not a model.”

“You’re my model. And everyone has a price.”

“I don’t.”

“No?” He steps closer, his body full of challenge and confidence. “One million dollars, Ms. Fairchild. You get the cash, and I get you.”


If you haven’t met Damien Stark, you can grab your copy of Release Me at the links below.  If you already love Damien, tell a reader friend who hasn’t met him yet!

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