Stark On Saturday - Release Me - "tingling" - J. Kenner

Stark On Saturday – Release Me – “tingling”

“Then you don’t mind if I steal Ms. Fairchild again.” He takes a step closer to me, and as is always the case with Damien Stark, I can feel the effect of him in the air between us.

“Not at all,” Carl says. “I’m sure she’ll be very helpful.” The last is said with a tone that I really don’t appreciate, but since I’m going to accept Stark’s invitation and not return with my co-workers, I can’t really complain.

Yes, despite my earlier resolve I’m going up to the penthouse with Stark.

Why? Because of the way the air has fired between us.

Because of the way my flesh is tingling merely from his proximity.

Because he came down here and so boldly demanded it.

And, finally, because even though he wants a piece of my ass, all Stark’s getting today is a piece of my mind.”


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