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Self Care for Writers: sometimes you gotta make the hard choices

Here’s the TLDR version of this post: For medical reasons, I’m backing off of my Wednesday is for Writers column (as well as my Tuesday Steals & Deals posts and Friday’s Featured New Releases). I’ve been dealing with some stuff that has made me beyond exhausted (which is bizarre for me, as I feel a […]

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My road to writing…

I’m diving deep into the path to getting your own book out there in the next few weeks, so I thought I would start with a re-run of an interview I did that outlined my own path. I hope you enjoy! https://player.backtracks.fm/ingramcontent/go-publish-yourself-an-ingramspark-podcast/m/secrets-to-writing-romance-spotlight-on-julie-kenner

Pitching Your Book (or Screenplay!)

Since I’m still at my writing retreat, both working on All The Words and taking some vacay time … and since the world is opening up again and pitching your story in person at conferences will once again be a thing, I thought this was a great time to revisit an article from a few […]

Wednesday Writing Prompt

Sometimes writers know exactly what they want to write, and sometimes we need to brainstorm. One of the best ways I’ve found to brainstorm is to just take an idea and riff off it and see what happens. Since I’m currently at the beach working to a deadline, I thought this would be a perfect […]

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Damien Stark, New Releases, and the Allure of Pain & Pleasure

So, raise your hand if you’ve read Release Me….. … Okay, that’s a lot of you! Now tell me. Do you remember the part where Damien tells Nikki that basically pain and pleasure work together? You do? Good. Because that’s a lot like a release day for authors. No, really! Now imagine Damien Stark. (I’ll […]

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Hot Romance Giveaway!!!!

Want to enter for a chance to win 1 of 30+ eBook and Signed Paperback giveaway prizes from the Ladies Who Write? Enter here –> http://bit.ly/LWWLoveGwy WHO ARE WE? The Ladies Who Write are a group of romance authors bringing sexy and emotional love stories to readers everywhere!  Scroll down for a list of all the awesome […]

Are you a Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom?

Ever have one of those days when everything is just coming at you and coming at you? Yeah.  That was my week!  I’ve been feeling a lot like Kate lately … the mundane mixed in with, oh, fighting demons! If you haven’t met Kate Connor, a retired Demon Hunter with Forza Scura, a secret arm […]

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THEREFORE … the story moved forward…

Today, I’m mining past posts that I don’t want you to miss! If you’re struggling with structure and story movement, this should help you out! (This was originally published on the blog a few years ago!) Enjoy: I’ve been on a craft kick lately, as in I’ve been attending a lot of workshops, watching a […]

Check it out: Tools for Writers!

While a writer can get by with only a pen and paper — or a manual typewriter and a ream of heavy bond — why would we want to? One of the fun things about writing is all the gadgets and software and resources available to writers these days. (Not that I procrastinate with software […]

For Writers: The art and craft of writing dialogue – PART 3

This week I’ve posted the final part (3) of my writing dialogue workshop, Beyond He Said, She Said. Click here for the YouTube link or scroll down for the embedded video … and then come back next week for the final installment! Did you miss the first part? You can find that video here, then […]

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