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Put the privacy screen up…I have a scene to write!

I’m blogging over at Seductive Musings at today’s stop on my blog tour about one of my favorite scenes in Release Me that involves a limo, a phone, a game of Simon Says and … Well, let’s just say that my keyboard didn’t quite melt … Curious? Come on over! And you can even enter […]

Beautiful, rich, and a just a tad messed up

I’m over at ARe Cafe on today’s stop on the Release Me blog tour talking about how much I love strong characters … but only if their strength is colored by their flaws. Come by and share some of your favorite strong characters with flawed melty insides. Hint, one of mine has a last name […]

Don't Miss Double Danger by Dee Davis!

If only I could come up with another word for “miss” that starts with a “D” I would have had a truly awesome headline. But that would distract from the real point which is that today is Release Day for my BFF Dee Davis and Double Danger, book six (wow!) of her A-Tac series (with […]

Of Hobbits and Tolkien and Target … oh my!

Hello world!  I have Liv Rancourt blogging here today about her adventures in Middle Earth, ah, um…well, sort of!  Liv has a really cool day job (check her website if you don’t believe me) and she used to front a rock band and studied Gregorian chant. How. cool. is. that?  Without further ado, heeeereeee’s Liv! […]

Why bookstores are like a bad boy lover

I’m over at Harlequin Junkies for the first stop on the Release Me blog tour! Come by, say hi, and enter to win a copy of your very own! I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately, which means dropping in and out of a lot of bookstores. Because what’s the point of shopping if […]

Sexy Snippet Sunday! A new Release Me excerpt!

Here’s another glimpse at Nikki and Damien, from Release Me, coming January 1!!! He’s poured himself a glass as well, and now he walks around the bar. I think he’s going to sit on the stool next to me, but he doesn’t. He simply leans against it, which means that he’s a few inches closer […]

When the story grabs you and won't let go: The Stellestrian

I’ve known Craig Stiles since we both auditioned for the same play oh-so-many years ago, and I have to say he is one multi-talented guy.  He’s built his own house (not like my husband and I did by picking out a model home plan, but really building the dang thing), he’s a working screenwriter, and […]

Demon sale for the holidays!

Looking for a holiday book with demons (after all, who isn’t?) — California Demon is now on sale for the Nook!

The Right To Love

I’ve known N.G. (Nick) Osborne several years ago via my various adventures in Hollywood, and I am beyond thrilled that his first book, Refuge, is not only available, but garnering rave reviews! Please welcome him to the blog today! (And don’t forget about my holiday contest! You’ll find the Rafflecopter entry form at the end […]

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