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"My name is Kate Connor … and my second adventure is on the Nook!"

“My name is Kate Connor, and I’m a Demon Hunter. It feels a little odd saying that. For the last fifteen-plus years, I’ve been a retired Demon Hunter, my hunting responsibilities traded for the equally dangerous, if not as dramatically compelling, duties of a stay-at-home mom to my teenager and toddler. And no, I’m not […]

Has The Walking Dead reached out and grabbed you, too?

Awesome post today for you guys about one of my favorite Twitter topics, The Walking Dead. Kim Griffin’s a total fangirl, as you can tell from her blog at TheFitnessMoms! So read on for some zombie goodness! I’m thrilled to be posting on Julie’s blog today ~ thanks, Julie! When she mentioned The Walking Dead, […]

Sometimes, you've just got to say 'what the f–k'

I am not one to live dangerously. I don’t zip in and out of traffic. I always wear my seatbelt. I toss deli meat after the expiration date. I don’t skydive, with or without a parachute. And I absolutely, positively, don’t visit websites that come through my spam filter. But Twitter, ah, Twitter … That’s […]

Make Your Book Reader-Worthy

Thank goodness Shelly Thacker walks her own path, otherwise she might be a forest ranger instead of a national bestselling author giving us all sorts of fabulous books to read!  Not sure what I’m talking about? Check out her bio! As NaNoWriMo wraps up, I’m thrilled to have Shelly guest-blogging today with wonderful insight into […]

When the dead stay silent (and other gripes about dialogue)

I’ve become a total fangirl of The Walking Dead, but even total fans can have the occasional gripe and, yeah, I got one. Minor spoiler alert for what follows! So beware if you read on! For a show wherein the characters take a lot of time talking about their feelings instead of, oh, fortifying their […]

Got a Nook? Get a deal!

USA Today bestselling Aphrodite’s Kiss currently free for the Nook!  (and for the iBook, too!) Here’s a peek … Zoe Smith stared at the chocolate bar, wondering if it was going to attack. She’d confiscated it an hour ago from one of the students, who knew better than to bring food into the library, and she’d […]

Climbing the Kindle Free Chart!

Cool!  So psyched to see that Aphrodite’s Kiss is climbing the Kindle Free charts!  It’s #16 overall and #7 on the contemporary romance lists!  Neato!!! Have you grabbed your copy?  And here are all the books in Superhero Protector series.  LOVE the covers!

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