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Useful tip of the day for Mac Users-Stickie Notes!

Sometimes I astound myself with what I don’t know. Maybe I’m the only one, but there’s a stickie note feature built into Mac computers, and it’s pretty darn sweet! Check your application folder for Stickie Notes! (And if you set the note to “float” and to be “translucent” it’s there on your computer but also […]

More Popcorn Please

Why, yes, I did just order a new Stir Crazy 6 qt popcorn popper. Why, no, the one we currently own works fine. We just want to be prepared for a popcorn emergency. And, um, we want to be able to pig out on popcorn without having to transfer the popcorn to another bowl and […]

Haiku to you, too!

When I was in elementary school, we studied poetry, like most kids do. And we had to write a Haiku, like most kids do. I still remember mine (prepare to be astounded): Hippopotamus Why do you like gooey mud So brown and sticky? Catchy, eh? And on a similarly random note: When my oldest was […]

Dark Shadows … from the beginning!

Bought the kids and husband the entire Dark Shadows DVD collection (comes in a cool coffin-shaped box!) and we’ve started watching from Episode 1. Loving it!!! So much fun how it was made on the cheap and mistakes aren’t fixed. Loving the story lines and the mystery. Trying hard to hold back on going to […]

Blogshare day: Social Media Myths that Can Cripple an Author Platform

Found this fascinating post over at Kristen Lamb’s Blog. Kristen always has such great things to say about social media … if you don’t already follow her blog, check it out! As the Social Media Jedi for Writers, I am very blessed to be able to speak and teach around the country at various writing […]

Walking Dead Question of the Night

So, in Season Two, when they end up at Hershel’s house … how the heck do those folks have electricity? Yes, these things bug me….

The Walking Dead

OMG, how have I missed The Walking Dead for so long? I am soooooo addicted now!

Getting Set Up: Demystifying Goodreads, Part 1

Woot! I did it. My J. Kenner name now has a Goodreads profile! Now, the fact is that I’ve already had profiles for Julie Kenner and J.K. Beck … I think. But I’m not entirely sure how they came to be, and I never quite figured out what to do with them (the J.K. Beck […]

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