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Why I Love My Characters: Guest Post by Phoebe Conn

I’m thrilled to have Phoebe Conn as a guest blogger today! Read on! And be sure to check out her latest release, Swept Away! It may take half a year or more to write a book, and I’d rather not spend my days writing about people I don’t want to know. In some books, the […]

Let's chat about Release Me!

Two things!  I’ll be chatting tomorrow (Wed, January 16) at Romance Reviews Today about Release Me and Claim Me and Damien Stark (and anything else y’all want to chat about!)  Come by at 8CST (6 on the West Coast and 9EST) and join the fun!  I’ll be giving away two $20 gift cards, too!! And I am […]

Working as a Team: Meet Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright

I’m thrilled to welcome Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright to the blog today as part of their blog tour!   They write as a team, and are here to tell us all about it!   It all started with a phone call. How many times have you been talking with a friend and thrown out […]

What's Gnu With You?

After I posted the Llama Song yesterday, mystery and romance writer Laura K Curtis asked me on Twitter if I’d heard the Gnu song, and helpfully provided a link. Where, oh where, have I been? This song is so much fun! Perfect for a Sunday afternoon. Enjoy! And thank you, Laura! [signoff]

Tabata is My Workout of Choice … What's Yours?

I don’t like working out. There. I’ve said it. I don’t get that runner’s high. I don’t feel deprived when I can’t go to the gym. And I’m not a fan of residual sweat on the Nautilus machines. I mean, ick. But at the same time, I’m not keen on having flabby thighs and a […]

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